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Penal Legion Cyborg Berserkers

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A Cyborg Berserker is a Penal Legion member, who has managed to survive on the battlefield and has been cybernetically enhanced to become a more deadly solider.[1]


Most who join the ranks of the Penal Legions die in their first battle. They are herded into the very worst of the fighting, like cattle, and no medical aid is wasted on them afterwards. The toughest, the most dangerous, the born killers, somehow survive. For every hundred pathetic miscreants that die whimpering under the guns of the enemy, one mad killer will emerge, screaming triumphantly in his insane anger.[1]

The idea of using these psychopathic survivors on the battlefield has always been met with a feeling of apprehension. Most are generally safe enough to be put into Human Bomb sections or re-join the ranks of other Penal Squads, but some are so far gone they could be a danger to friendly forces on the battlefield. These souls are taken away from the ranks of troopers, but because they are potentially so useful, in their psychopathic tendencies, they are cybernetically enhanced. Their bodies emerge covered in metal plates and mechanical devices, which make them more effective on the battlefield and allows them to be controlled, which makes them less dangerous to friendly units.[1]

These so-called Cyborg Berserkers are loners who fight with the strength and savagery of five men. Often, no longer being capable of feeling fear, they charge directly into the center of any battle. Their cyborg enhanced bodies allowing them to survive their mad charge into the enemy ranks.[1]