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Pillar of Bone

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The Pillar of Bone is a holy relic belonging to the Imperial Fists located on Holy Terra. The Pillar is all that remains of a once great Fortress-Monastery and recruitment chapel which was almost entirely destroyed during the Horus Heresy. Rather than rebuild the Fortress, the Chapter left the ruins largely unmodified except for a number of symbolic alterations, most notably filling the bolter holes that riddled the structure with Scrimshawed hands of battle-brothers lost during the defense of Terra.[1]

Today, the Pillar of Bone provides a dual function to the Chapter. On the one hand, the relic has the symbolic function of serving as a battle honor. On on the other hand, the Pillar retains its practical use as a recruitment chapel, ensuring that Terran battle-brothers continue to be among the Imperial Fists. Captain Darnath Lysander is among those recruited from the site.[1]