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Plains World


Sometime before the 41st Millennium, a group of returning Deathwing found that their planet had been overrun fifty years earlier by Genestealers, with only a few untainted humans remaining. The Terminators, whose duty and honour required the extermination of the Genestealers, prepared themselves for battle. Because the odds of their success were nearly non-existent, the Terminators engaged in their native death ritual. Instead of anointing their skin with white ash, they anointed their armour. The Terminators cleansed the world and rescued the enslaved populace, and in honour of those few Terminators, their armour was ever after white.[1]

Meanwhile, the Dark Angels' leadership, the Inner Circle, recognized the folly of relying upon one planet for manpower and so diversified their recruiting grounds.[1] Since then the Dark Angels recruit from other planets, such as Kimmeria[2], though they still recruit from Plains World.[3]

As of M42 the Plainsworld is cut off by warp storm activity.[4]

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