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*[[Plasma Weapon]]
*[[Plasma Weapon]]
[[Category:Equipment (Dark Eldar)]]
[[Category:Weapons (Dark Eldar)]]
[[Category:Eldar Equipment]]
[[Category:Weapons (Eldar)]]

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Template:ElPortTemplate:DEPortal Plasma Grenades are used by the Eldar and Dark Eldar in replacement for the more crudely designed Frag Grenades used by the Imperium. They use a small amount of exploding plasma to blind the enemy and prevent them from properly using their terrain to defend their position against advancing enemy forces.

In Fourth Edition, plasma grenades can now also be used to make a limited anti-vehicle attack. In 2nd edition and earlier plasma grenades were available to many more kinds of units and races- each one left a temporary plasma hazard which obscured vision and could inflict further damage.


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