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Portal:Dark Eldar

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Portal:Dark Eldar


''My escape was miraculous; the Emperor must have rewarded my undying faith in those times. However, though I am physically free, my body bears the scars; the many, many scars. Every breath takes me to a new plane of agony, every heartbeat sets my jagged nerves writhing with pain. I cannot see. I cannot speak. Most horrid of all, I cannot forget. Nightmares and waking visions plague me, the drip of my own blood, the cries of anguish haunt me. No one escapes the Dark City.''

--Lasko Pyre, excerpt from The Annals of Terror

Dark Eldar Armoury

Commorragh, The Dark City

Commorragh, a fortress city built in the Webway by the Dark Eldar, is a sprawling metropolis of such immensity that it is capable of housing the entirety of the Dark Eldar civilization, including their stables of alien beasts, slaves, gladiatorial centers, armories, vehicle bays, and everything else necessary to sustain their culture.


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