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- The Galaxy -

Galaxy black reach.jpg

" The warp is a vital tool to us, a means of communication and transport. Without it, there would be no Imperium of Man, for there would be no quick bridges between the stars. We use it, and we harness it, but we have no absolute control over it. It is a wild thing that tolerates our presence, but brooks no mastery. There is power in the warp, fundamental power, not good, nor evil, but elemental and anathema to us. It is a tool we use at our own risk. " - Warmaster Horus[1]


Galactic divisions

Worlds of the Galaxy

Inhabitants of the Galaxy

The Warp

Notable celestial features

Notable sectors

Notable Planets

Notable Galactic Territories


Galactic deployment of forces

Space Marines / Guard

Space marines deployments.jpgImperial guard planets.jpg



Chaos marines engagements.jpgDaemons strongholds.jpg


Eldar / Dark Eldar

Eldar planets.jpgDark eldar activity.jpg


Necrons / Orks

Necron activity.jpgOrks activity.jpg


Tau / Tyranids

Tau planets.jpgTyranids incursions.jpg


- Portal Maintenance -

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