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Holy Inquisition Portal

After the Ascension of the Emperor, the Ecclesiarchy and the Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition was established with two Ordos, the Ordo Malleus, and Ordo Xenos. After the rise of the Ecclesiarchy came the abuse of power and lies about the Emperor's divine truth. The Ordo Hereticus was founded after Ecclesiarch Goge Vandire, used the Sisters of Battle to try to assume power over the Imperium.

Inquisition Forces

The vehicles and troops available to the Inquisition come from every agency within the Imperium, including Space Marine Chapters and Imperial Guard Regiments, because Inquisitors are the supreme force of the Imperium and are able to requisition the aid of anyone on demand, without question. .


The Inquisition is broken down into three major Ordos, or Orders, and they are:

They are aided by the lesser Ordos (such as the Ordo Sicarius, who regulates the Officio Assassinorum). Each of the three Ordos has an "Order Militant", a fighting force trained to fighting the chosen enemy of their Order:

The Emperors Wrath Incarnate

The Daemonhunters Armoury and the Witch Hunters Armoury give specific items usable uniquely to their individual Orders.


The Inquisitor game is devoteed to the characters, background, and intrigue related to the Holy Inquisition and their battle against daemons, aliens, and unbelievers among their enemies and among themselves. .

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