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Leagues of Votann Portal


"The Ancestors are watching."
--Kin Truth1



The Leagues of Votann are a prominent Squat civilization of the Galactic Core. The cloned descendants of ancient Human mining fleets, they have used Cloneskeins and the wisdom of their Ancestor Cores to adapt and thrive to their inhospitable but fabulously wealthy home. Their society is traditionally isolationist and secretive, but has interacted with other civilization in Prospects such as the Necromundan Ironhead Squats, mercenary bands, and the Demiurg. Since the formation of the Great Rift, they have been forced to finally contend with the Galaxy at large.



The Leagues of Votann (known to themselves as Kin) are a decentralized society grouped into various socioeconomic bodies which include:

The Kin are known to be tolerant of Artificial Intelligence, and a class of Robotic beings known as Ironkin are equal members of their society.


The Forces of the Leagues

When the Leagues of Votann march to war, they do so in armies known as Kinhosts which are further divided into Oathbands and sometimes Grudgebands. The Primary forces of the Leagues of Votann include:



The Leagues of Votann shares a common origin with the STCs of the Imperium. However, their Brôkhyr engineers have slowly been able to modify and improve these designs, making Votann technology and weaponry generally superior to their Imperial counterparts.


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