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News Archive

  • 28.02.2007: Please discuss the issue of Fan Projects here
  • 20.02.2007:Positioning of templates: please note that templates like {{stub}} etc. should be positioned at the top of the article
  • 06.02.2007:New categories:
  • 14.01.2007:New guidelines:
    • Guidelines concerning article titles will be strictly enforced.
    • New articles without proper sources will be deleted.
    • Changes concerning the content of an article made by unidentified users will be reverted, as will be dubious changes. Remember that all changes have to be marked with the corresponding source.
    • All pictures will have to be marked with {{Copyright}} under Copyright Status, else they will be removed.
    • All pictures need meaningful titles, e.g. not "SM1EdHB.jpg" but "SpaceMarine1stEditionWithHeavyBolter.jpg". This also applies to older pictures, so this musst be saved, renamed and uploaded under the correct name, the older name-version then has to be deleted.
  • 27.09.2006: There is a new Lexicanum Forum to discuss issues. Please make sure to read the Forum Guidelines first.
  • New Category for Squats
  • Requests: From now on requested articles can be posted under Requested articles
  • SysOps: After Jonru a third Sysop for this Lexicanum has been appointed: Welcome Hobbes1012!
  • SysOp: The English Wh40k Lexicanum has its own SysOp now: Dalen - May his efforts let this wiki grow and prosper!
  • Interlexicanum: Which design for the link box? Little flags or Shortcut-Symbol? Share your oppinion at the German discussion page (feel free to post in English!).
  • Portals: Construction of Portals like at Wikipedia. This one is the main one and should be the beginning for future development.