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Promethean Class Cruiser

The Promethean Class Cruisers were powerful ancient Terran warships, that were clad in dense layers of Void-shields and dated back to the age before Old Night.[1]

They, along with the Gloriana Class Battleships and Tiamat Class Destroyers, were relics of forgotten technologies, that far surpassed more modern warship designs in potency. The Emperor had somehow gained possession of a number of these warships and as the Great Crusade began, he gave a small number to most of the Space Marine Legions. The First Legion, however, was given a Fleet of these warships, due the honor they had earned themselves in the Unification Wars.[1]


Legiones Astartes Fleet
Battleships GlorianaEmperorLunarInfernusDictatusOberonBattle BargeAbyss
Grand Cruisers AvengerVengeanceDominus
Battlecruisers Retribution Class
Heavy Cruisers InfernusIndrajit
Cruisers Strike CruiserHoplonPrometheanBulk Cruiser
Light Cruisers GladiusEclipseDauntlessTriton
Barques GulgorAttack Barque
Heavy Frigates Thunderbolt
Frigates GladiusSword
Destroyers HunterVenomTiamat
Corvettes Credo
Other Wrath HammerExcelsiorPythos
Fighters XiphonWrathLotusDeathbirdSwordstrikeLightning Crow
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Assault Boats CaestusPurgioHarbinger
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