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Radfael was a Captain of the Angels of Wrath Chapter. During the Age of Apostasy Goge Vandire demanded that the Angels of Wrath replace their Chaplains, with Ecclesiarchy missionaries; in order to bring the Chapter under his control[1a]. Tristan Dare, Grand Master of the Chapter, refused[1b] and in doing so brought retribution from the Church upon the Angels of Wrath.[1a]

Goge soon ordered a large Imperial warfleet to attack the Angels of Wrath's Homeworld and destroy the Chapter. What came next was a complete decimation of the Chapter, as waves of zealots, of the Frateris Templars, attacked in overwhelming numbers. Five hours after the attack started, the Frateris soon breached the defenses of the Chapter's Fortress Monastery, their last stronghold on the planet. Inside the Fortress Monastery, Radfael rallied his company to its defense, but they were no match for the sheer numbers of the Frateris and were all killed. His death left Captain Cornelius Makallan, of the Tenth Company, the last surviving commanding officer of their devastated Chapter. Rather than allow themselves to be killed, Makallan soon gave the order to remnants of the Angels of Wrath to evacuate the planet.[1a]