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Red Corsairs

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The Red Corsairs are a Chaos Space Marine warband formed primarily from members of the Astral Claws chapter.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Red Corsairs -
Leader: Huron Blackheart
Homeworld: Formerly Badab Primaris, now New Badab in the Maelstrom
Chaos dedication: Chaos Undivided [5]
Colours: Crimson & black with gold trim
Specialty: Piracy, infiltration, boarding actions
Strength: <200 Astral Claws
an unknown number of other traitor marines. Roughly the size of a pre-Heresy Space Marine Legion[13]
Splinter factions: Possibly Claws of Lorek [6a]
Battle Cry: transmit a tirade of expletives and threats across all vox-caster frequencies as they ambush enemy ships and settlements


Following the events of the Badab War, the surviving Astral Claws broke through the Imperial blockade and fled to the Maelstrom, taking the broken body of their Chapter Master Lufgt Huron with them. Huron turned to the ruinous powers in order to survive and still leads the remnants against the Imperium, though they now call themselves the Red Corsairs.

The intent of the Red Corsairs' raids are to build Huron's army with captives who turn traitor. Lord Huron is feared and despised by the Imperium as well as honoured by the other traitor legions. Huron Blackheart's empire within the Maelstrom has become a great threat and a power that rivals the legions within the Eye of Terror. One of the planets under their control is New Badab, where the tournament called the Skull Harvest is held [4].

Notable Engagements

Combat doctrines

The Red Corsairs fight primarily as an expression of their twisted faith. In order to save what was left of his chapter and his hideously wounded body, Lufgt Huron made a terrible pact with the Ruinous Powers, pledging eternal service in return for the blessings and patronage of Chaos. With limited numbers at their disposal, the Red Corsairs spent much of their time as space pirates, but also launch brutal raids on Imperial shipping and outposts. These raids are not for plundering, but for the sheer pleasure of raiding the areas that they once swore to protect.


The Red Corsairs are organised into a large fleet, able to deploy small, elite forces of renegade space marines supported by larger groups of human reavers. The Space Marines among the force are supremely proficient at the boarding actions favoured by the chapter whose ship-to-ship fighting prowess is infamous. Huron Blackheart maintains a substantial fleet consisting of vessels captured over numerous engagements, ranging from a single Adeptus Astartes battle barge, a number of strike cruisers, many and varied escorts and a huge number of classes of interceptors and bombers. Rumours suggest that Huron's command ship, salvaged when it was drifting on the edge of the Maelstrom, was originally a Word Bearers Traitor Legion ship.

Over the years through absorbing other bands of Renegade Space Marines and outlaws, the Red Corsairs have grown close to the size of a pre-Heresy Space Marine Legion.[13]


Notable Members

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