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Remael was the Blood Angels' Chapter Master, during the Kallius Insurrection.[1b]

The Blood Angels took serious losses in that campaign, before they were allowed to disengage and return to Baal[1b]. Remael had command of the Bloodcaller, as he led the remnants of his Chapter's fleet back to their Homeworld. However before the Blood Angels could leave the current System they were in, the Chapter was mercilessly ambushed[1c] by the Black Legion. To make matters even worse, the Blood Angels became bereft of Remael's leadership, after a barrage struck and completely destroyed the Bloodcaller's bridge[1d]. The Chapter would be saved, though, after the Angels Numinous arrived and drove off the Black Legion[1e]. Due to their battles in the Kallius Insurrection and the ambush, the Blood Angels' Captains were nearly all dead. Only Captain Dante still lived and he would be chosen to succeed Remael[1a], as the next Chapter Master.[1f]