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Remains of Rogal Dorn

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The remains of Rogal Dorn are the holiest relics belonging to the Imperial Fists. The full skeleton of Rogal Dorn is in the possession of the Chapter, although it is separated into two separate relics: Dorn's skeletal hands and the skeleton of the rest of his body. The remains are displayed within the inner chapel of the reclusiam aboard the Phalanx.[1]

The Skeletal Body of Rogal Dorn

The skeletal body of Rogal Dorn is embedded in clear amber shaped in the form of the deceased Primarch. In ceremonies of great importance, light shining through a hole in the center of the inner chapel is directed by mirror at the amber-encased skeleton. The light illuminates the form of the Primarch in a fluorescent green, giving the impression that the mock-flesh is alive once more, though gangrenous.[1]

As of 7th Edition Codex Space Marines, the body of Rogal Dorn was never found. Only his hand was found and returned to the Phalanx.

The Skeletal Hands of Rogal Dorn

Dorn's skeletal hands are displayed within two ormolu shrines secluded beyond ornate double doors. The hands themselves are contained within transparent stasis-cases at the center of the shrines. Each hand is inscribed with the names and heraldry of the former Masters of the Chapter, a rite every Chapter Master undergoes upon assuming his office. This constitutes the highest form of the Chapter's tradition of scrimshaw. The bones have become covered in names and heraldry over the Imperial Fists' ten thousand year history, although more space still remains.[1]

It is a ritual for a Chaplain to read every name inscribed on Dorn's skeletal hands and to announce the position on the bones each name is located. The names and corresponding positions of the Chapter Masters include:

  • First metacarpal: Brownwin Abermort, Maximus Thane, Kalman Flodensbog.[Needs Citation]
  • Proximal phalanx of thumb: Ambrosian Spactor[1]

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