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Risen (The Fallen)

The Risen are Fallen Angels who now loyally serve their returned Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, and aid in his efforts to protect the Imperium[1b]. By the Primarch's decree, all are welcome to join[1a], except the Fallen who serve the forces of Chaos.[1b]

Formed before the Lion's return was even known by the Imperium at large, the first action of The Risen was to defeat the Fallen-led Chaos warband known as the Ten Thousand Eyes[1b]. Shortly afterwards, they rendezvoused with Dante and aided the Lion in rescuing the Unforgiven during the Battle of Idolatros in the Arks of Omen Campaign. Despite their presence initially infuriating the Dark Angels, the Risen proved instrumental in buying enough time against Daemonic hordes to allow for the evacuation of loyalists from Wyrmwood.[2]

Known Members


Most of the members of the Risen are named after members of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend.