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Roboute Guilliman was the Primarch of the Space Marines. While not yet dead, Roboute was lethally poisoned by the traitor Primarch Fulgrim and has since been interred in a stasis field on his throne in the Temple of Correction on Macragge.


Like all the Primarchs, Roboute Guilliman was separated from the Emperor and came to rest on a distant planet, in this case, Macragge. Roboute's arrival on Macragge was a portentous time, and many reported strange sights. Most notably, Konor, the Battle King of Macragge, dreamed of the Emperor, and found himself beside Hera's Falls in the Valley of Laponis. Upon awakening, Konor assembled his bodyguard and rode to Hera's Falls. When they finally arrived, they found a small child there. Konor took him in, naming him Roboute, which means "Great One".