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A Rok is a form of spaceship used by the Orks, basically a large hollowed out asteroid fitted with guns, engines, guns, targeting systems and some more guns. Roks are incapable of warp travel and are used to drift from one world to another within a system.[1]

It is known that any system containing Orks will quickly gather a large number of Roks as they are "built" at a startling rate. Roks come in a variety of classifications, such as standard Roks, larger Big Roks, and massive Mega Roks.[8]

Notable Examples

Notable engagements against Roks include:

  • an encounter in the Kaloth system in 147.M41 when an Imperial cruiser force swept the region for pirates, leading to the destruction of seven enemy escort class ships, along with four Roks.[2]
  • In 148.M41, twenty-one Roks were encountered by another expedition in the same system but were forced to disengage after the battlecruiser Stalwart Warrior suffered crippling damage in the battle, that nearly led to it being overwhelmed by Ork boarding parties.[2]
  • 886.M41, the Black Templars Fortress-monastery on the planet Solemnus, is attacked by an Ork armada from the Blood Scar tribe. Withstanding an initial orbital bombardment, thanks to the fortress' shield generators, the fortress finally falls after a Rok crash lands near the fortress and fired its weapons at point-blank range. The fortress' shields are overloaded and collapse, allowing the Orks to invade and massacre the Black Templars within the keep.[6]
  • In 997 or 998.M41, shortly before the outbreak of the Third War for Armageddon, Ghazghkull Thraka sent seventeen Roks on a collision course with the Imperial World Palmeros, forcing a hasty evacuation of the Imperial Guard Army Group Exolon[3a]. Most of the Army Group managed to escape the planet, but the majority of the planet's several billion civilians did not[3b].
  • During the War of the Beast, the Orks employed several planetoid-sized Roks known as Attack Moons.[7]



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