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Runtbotz are a type of simplified Ork Tinboyz, that accompany herds of Gretchin and Snotlings into battle. Some are designed to look a bit like miniature Gargants[1], while others are shaped like Ork warriors and they are controlled by a single Gretchin with a kontrol pad.[2]


As the Gretchin and Snotlings have been taught to think of the Runtbotz as their friends and protectors, they will always closely follow the Tinboyz. In order to defend them as they move, the Runtbotz are equipped with a large Runtbot Force Field, that extends a protective umbrella over the small Greenskins that congregate around the Tinboyz. This force field, however, is especially prone to malfunction.[1]

Runtbotz can also be equipped with a Bomb Lobber, that can automatically throw Smoke Stikkbombz, that are carried in armored boxes on either side of their body. These Runtbot Bomb Lobbers, will lob the Stikkbombz in front of themselves, which create a cloud of smoke that offers some cover for the small Greenskins following them. A drawback, though, is that the Bomb Lobbers will only work, when the Runtbotz' Force Fields are not activated.[1]


The company Forge World released an exclusive Runtbot miniature for the Games Day 2010 event.[2]