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Sagitaur ATV

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A Sagitaur ATV[1]

Sagitaur ATVs are redoubtable rapid-response vehicles of the Leagues of Votann, that are designed for surveying inhospitable alien terrain and can carry a full squad of infantry.[1]


They usually operate in pairs and are remarkably heavily-armed for their size; their armament includes a nose-mounted twin Bolt Cannon, along with a swivelling turret weapon - such as a HYLas beam cannon, L7 missile launcher, or MATR autocannon.[1]

Sagitaurs are also suited to scouting operations and lightning-fast armoured offensives alongside Hernkyn Pioneers. Plus their armoured carapaces are durable enough to shrug off everything from rockslides to plasma blasts, making them an ideal spearhead for any of the Leagues of Votann's sponsored colonization efforts.[1]

Sagitaur Walker

Sagitaur Walker[2]

They can also be given convertible exo-frames, that allow the Sagitaurs to become walkers with two arms and two legs. This All-Terrain Construction mode, allows Sagitaurs to travel across terrain that their vehicle modes would have trouble with. Its main weaponry is also transferred to the Sagitaur Walker's arms, so they can be wielded in battle.[2]


  • The name Sagitaur could be inspired by Sagittarius (as in the mythological half human and half horse centaur and an astrological sign), or maybe be a portmanteau of Sagittarius and centaur or taurus (another astrological sign and mythological figure).
  • The Sagitaur Walker was created by the Games Workshop employee Joe Naber and it was featured in White Dwarf 493.[2]


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