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Sanctioned Psyker

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A Primaris Psyker using his powers against an Ork.[1]

Sanctioned Psykers are psykers trained by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica and assigned to serve within the Imperial Guard.


They are able to use their psychic abilities to aid the commander in his decisions by predicting or sensing enemy movements, or more directly in combat, psychically attacking the enemy or protecting allies. Commissars are always ready to execute a psyker in danger of Daemonic possession. Throughout the Imperium, psykers are justifiably feared for the danger they present, and held in a regard comparable to that of aliens and mutants. Certain slang has grown up between psykers and non-psykers. Freak, Brain and Bolt Magnet are all terms for a sanctioned psyker, whereas Blunt is what a non-psyker is to a psyker.

Sanctioned Psykers are most often divided into Psyker Battle Squads, consisting of groups of individuals who are barely able to control their awesome power. Ever-vigilant overseer Psykers accompany these more amateurish squad members into battle, helping them attune to each other so that the squad functions as a cohesive psychic unit. Whilst one psyker may start a sentence another shall finish it, several members of the unit chorusing and echoing the words in unison. In battle, they pool their energies to release a psychic blast far greater then the sum of their individual parts. The sonorous chanting of a Psyker battle squad continuously rises as they draw ever deeper into the powers of the Warp, eventually releasing a surge of psychic energy that can create deadly thunderstorms to engulf the psykers foe or send out energy that ruptures organs or rips bodies apart.[1]

Sanctioned Psykers, also classified as Mystics, are often used by Inquisitors as their Inquisitorial Henchmen for their psychic powers.[2]

Wyrdvane Psykers

Wyrdvane Psykers are Imperial Psykers of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica's Scholastica Psykana that are not able to control their powers. Some have not yet completed the grueling training to become a Primaris Psyker. Others will never achieve that goal, introverted beyond rescue by the horrors of their own minds. As individuals, such psykers are unpredictable and unsafe. Yet working in concert, these deadly mutants can be a valuable asset. Attuned to one another, Wyrdvane Psykers draw strength from communion. Squads of Wyrdvanes link their thoughts to strengthen each others powers.[4]

Other Variants

Known Sanctioned Psykers

Known Wyrdvane Psykers


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