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The Sceptre of Galaxian is a relic currently housed by the Ultramarines in the Fortress of Hera. It belonged to Orar, an ancient Ultramarines champion, and was entombed, along with Orar, on Commrath until the Eldar attempted to take it for their own use.1

During the Battle for Orar's Sepulchre, the Eldar attached Orar's resting place in order to retrieve the Sceptre, though the reason for this is unknown. The tomb was already a fairly well defended complex, but the presence of a large number of Ultramarines made the turned it into a fortress. The battle resulted in an Ultramarines victory and, notably, the destruction of an Eldar Avatar. The Sceptre was removed from Commrath after the conflict, the Ultramarines judging that Commrath was insufficiently secure to house such a relic. It is now stored in the Fortress of Hera, along with a large number of other chapter relics.1


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