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The space ruled by the Imperium is divided into five fleet zones known as the Segmentae Majoris.[2] The galaxy is such a vast place that it would be unmanageable without this system.


Each Segmentum has its own Imperial Navy and Merchant Fleets, as well as a Segmentum Fortress or Segmentum Naval Base that forms the base of fleet operations within the Segmentum. The Segmentum fleet commanders are known as the Lord High Admirals.[1] The Segmentum Fortress is controlled directly by a high-ranking official of the Administratum known as the Master of the Segmentum.[1]

Although intended for purposes of fleet administration and shipping controls, the Segmentae have evolved into administrative divisions of the Adeptus Terra.[1]

The Segmentae Majoris and their fortresses are:

Segmentum Zone Base
Segmentum Solar Centre Mars
Segmentum Obscurus North Cypra Mundi
Segmentum Pacificus West Hydraphur
Ultima Segmentum East Kar Duniash
Segmentum Tempestus South Bakka

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