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Shadow in the Warp

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Shadow in the Warp artwork by John Michelbach[3]

Shadow in the Warp is a Tyranid Psychic Power.[1]


It is as if the Tyranids have blocked out the connection to the warp, making any psychic abilities very difficult to utilise, affecting psychic races like the Eldar most heavily. It does however have the added benefit of keeping the denizens of the warp in the warp.[1]

Many scholars suggest the Shadow in the Warp is the result of a constant two-way communication between the Hive Mind and lesser organisms, this creates a phenomenal amount of psychic activity. The primary sources of this broadcast are the hive ships, though some other Tyranids are also capable (Broodlords, Tyrants and Warriors).[2]

Independent of the source, the arrival of the Tyranid brings a blanket of psychic static that scratches the mind.[2]


The effects of the shadow are varied[2]:

  • The average person experiences uneasiness and terrible nightmares.
  • Psykers or anybody with warp sensibility suffer severe headaches, uncontrollable screaming, bleeding eyes and unconsciousness.
  • It blocks most astropathic signals.
  • Complicates warp travel.
  • Disrupts psychic phenomena.