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Shira Lucina Calpurnia

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Imperial Arbitrator; for the Novel Series, see Shira Calpurnia (Novel Series).
Shira Lucina Calpurnia

Shira Lucina Calpurnia is an Arbitor senioris on the world of Hydraphur.


Hailing from Iax of Ultramar, trained on Machiun, Shira's career has taken her to postings across the Ultima Segmentum; Drade-73, MG-Dyel, Hazhim, Don-Croix and Epheada before reaching the rank of Arbitor Senioris and being posted to Hydraphur in the Segmentum Pacificus.[1a]

Shira's family, the Calpurnii, are one of the oldest and most prominent of Iax, and like many such families in Ultramar, have a long history of service to the Imperium. Shira's superior on Hydraphur, Dvorov, reviewed her family's history and found other Arbites, senior commanders of the Imperial Guard and Navy, and at least two Battle-brothers in service to the Ultramarines chapter, including a First Company Veteran who died during the Battle for Macragge. He remarked drily that Shira had a "pedigree" that most of the aristocratic families on Hydraphur would envy, yet he had never met anyone with fewer pretensions to rank or status.[1b]


Standing a head shorter than her peers, Arbitrator Calpurnia has dirty blonde hair reaching just below her ears and green, chilly eyes. Three parallel scars running from her left eyebrow straight into her hair and an old hip wound attest to her philosophy of leading from the front.[1a]

As is traditional among families on Iax, she is sometimes styled "Shira Calpurnia Lucina," the name "Calpurnia" being her family name, and "Lucina" a cognomen. This caused confusion with at least one of her new acquantainces on Hydraphur, who mistook "Lucina" for her family name.[1a]