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Sons of the Eye

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The Sons of the Eye
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Leader: Drecarth the Sightless
Colours: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Destroyed
Survivors absorbed by the Black Legion

The Sons of the Eye were a warband of the Sons of Horus and part of the Thrice-Cursed Traitors.[1b] They wore a twisted version of the Eye of Horus on their armor, cut through as to demonstrate that the blindness of Horus had led his legion to destruction.[1b]


Originally part of the Sons of Horus, the Sons of the Eye were a splinter group of escapees from Maeleum commanded by Drecarth the Sightless.[1a] They rejected both their old Primarch Horus as well as Abaddon as a usurper. As a result, they refused to join the Black Legion.[1b] Drecarth proved to be a capable leader, and the Sons of the Eye prospered under his command.[1a]

Abaddon was eventually warned by his cabal of sorcerers that Drecarth was a potential threat and would try to take control of the Black Legion. The Black Legion leader consequently lured the Sons of the Eye into a false sense of security by offering peace and an alliance. The two forces proceeded to launch the 6th Black Crusade, together winning a great victory. At their moment of triumph, however, Drecarth was killed by Abaddon, and the surviving Sons of the Eye agreed to join the Black Legion.[1a]

Known actions


It is unknown if the warband are related to the Astartes death-cult with the same name, which arose from the mass induction of Newborn into the ranks of the Sons of Horus during the Solar War.[2]

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