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Space Crusade (Board Game)

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Space Crusade
Space Crusade box front.jpg
Designer Steven Baker
Manufacturer Milton Bradley and Games Workshop
Released 1990
Scale 28mm
Players 2–4
Game time Varies

Space Crusade is an out of print board game produced by Milton Bradley in conjunction with Games Workshop and was first published in 1990. While produced in the UK and available in some other countries including Australia and New Zealand, it was never sold in North America. In Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, it is known as Star Quest. In the game, Space Marine squads struggle variously against Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Androids and Genestealers within a space hulk.

The Chaos Android miniatures were the inspiration for Necron Warriors models.[2]


Box Content

Space Crusade is similar to Space Hulk, which was released only a little earlier in 1989. One of the players takes control of the alien faction, which includes Chaos and Ork units in addition to the Genestealers from Space Hulk. Another 1–3 players can then choose one of three five-man Space Marine squads representing Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Imperial Fists. The Space Marines are allied against the aliens, but also try to complete the mission objective before the other Marine squads.[1]



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