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Space Hulk (1st Edition)

The 1st edition of the game Space Hulk was released in 1989.[1a]

Space Hulk
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 1989
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Followed by Space Hulk (2nd Edition)


One player takes the part of the Blood Angel Terminators, the other takes the part of the Genestealers. Space Marines must destroy the stealers before they mass for the assault. Stealers must use their speed and numbers to overwhelm the marines. Space marines don't know the number of Genestealers, while stealers ignore the number of action the terminator can make each turn.[1b]

Box contents

Space Hulk (1st Edition) box contents
  • 10 plastic Terminators
  • 20 plastic Genestealers
  • 49 corridors and sections
  • Doors and templates
  • Rulebook
  • Mission book
  • 5 dices


The mission book features six missions which can be played one after another in a campaign or separately.[1c]

  • Suicide Mission
  • Exterminate
  • Rescue
  • Cleanse and Burn
  • Decoy
  • Defend