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Space Marine (Game)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the 1989 miniatures game. For other uses of Space Marine, see Space Marine (disambiguation).

Space Marine is an out of production war game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, using Epic-scale miniatures for much larger scale battles.[Needs Citation]


Space Marine enables players to re-enact battles in the dark future of the 41st Millennium (respectively the Horus Heresy). Due to the smaller scale of the actual miniatures, it is possible to field much larger scale battles than Warhammer 40,000.

The Rules for troops in Adeptus Titanicus were first published in White Dwarf issue 110 as "Space Marine" They are listed as being writen by Jervis Johnson and Mike Brunton.

Space Marine followed the Adeptus Titanicus game (1988) (both could be played as stand alone or combined games), adding infantry and vehicles to the Titan vs Titan system. Both games were replaced by Warhammer Epic 40,000 which worked at the same scales but had all new mechanics. Space Marine consisted of two editions, both sold as box sets which contained rules, scenery and enough miniatures for two armies.

First Edition

Space Marine 1st Edition
Box art
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Designer Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestley
Preceded by Adeptus Titanicus
Followed by Space Marine (2nd Edition)
Released 1989
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
First edition Space Marine, subtitled Epic Battles in the Age of Heresy was released in 1989 and was set in a much early time period than Warhammer 40,000. It featured Space Marines versus Space Marines during the civil wars of the Horus Heresy. The game could be combined with the previously published Adeptus Titanicus which featured Titans, giant robots, in the same 6mm scale. Ork and Eldar models were also released, with rules for them in the Codex Titanicus expansion.

Box contents

  • rulebook
  • 368 epic scale plastic miniatures:
  • 64 banners for 4 loyal and 4 traitor legions
  • 14 coloured card buildings with plastic roofs
  • 16 datacards
  • counters
  • 4 dice

Expansions for the first edition

It's also compatible with Adeptus Titanicus.

Second Edition

Space Marine 2nd Edition
Box art
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Designer Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestley
Preceded by Space Marine (1st Edition)
Followed by Epic 40,000
Released 1991
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
Second edition was subtitled Epic Conflict in the War Torn Universe of the 41st Millennium was released in 1991 and brought the setting into the standard era of Warhammer 40,000. It radically revised but still fundamentally retained the same system, unlike the latter version of the Epic range. The new edition included Orks, Eldar and Titans in the basic rules. These and other new races were greatly expanded in the latter supplements.

Box contents

  • rulebook with 64 pages (also contains some background)
  • 546 epic scale plastic miniatures
  • 10 coloured card buildings with plastic roofs
  • 140 counters and reference sheets
  • 57 army cards for Orks, Eldar and Space Marines
  • 5 dice
1991 Box content

Expansions for the second edition

In addition there is a collection of White Dwarf articles called Space Marine Battles, published in 1993.

It's also compatible with Titan Legions.

Boxed sets

In addition there are many metal miniatures which were published in the course of the years.