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Space Marine Battles

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the game sourcebook; for the novel series, see Space Marine Battles (Novel Series).
Space Marine Battles
Author(s) Grant Williams, Mark Watts, Ben Gate, Richard Helliwell, Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson, Robin Dews
Released 1993
Pages 144
ISBN 1-872372-68-6

Space Marine Battles is a source book for the 2nd edition of the Space Marine game containing a collection of articles originally published in White Dwarf magazine.

General Structure

The book is printed in full color and in addition to the articles contains 8 pull-out card sheets of data sheets and templates for use with the rules and units presented in the book.


  • Space Marine Tactics
This section presents suggested tactics to use with 4 of the armies in the Space Marine game, namely:
  • The Battle Reports
4 battle reports from White Dwarf magazine:
  • New Rules
Background information, fluff and special rules are given for the following characters from the Warhammer 40,000 universe:
Here, all of the weapons available to the Imperial Warlord, Reaver and Warhound Titans are described and their game statistics presented in a summary table at the end of the article. This includes the weapons described in the Space Marine rulebook and the new weapons introduced in White Dwarf magazine.
Background information and rules for using Ork Great Gargants are presented, including descriptions and details of the weapons available to them and a summary table for their game statistics.
  • Assault
Rules for using fortifications in games of Space Marine.
  • Modelling Workshop
A companion article to Assault in the same issue of White Dwarf showing examples of how to model trenches, bunkers, razor wire and minefields.
  • Strongholds
A second companion article to Assault with an example of how to model a fortification for use in Space Marine.
9 pages from the Citadel Miniatures catalogue for some of the models available for the Ork, Eldar, Imperial and Squat armies.
  • Card Data Sheets and Templates
Cut out unit data cards, weapon blast templates, titan hit location charts, and titan damage tables for the new units discussed in the main body of the book.

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