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Gaunt (Tyranid)

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*[[Scything TalonsTalon]]s*[[SpinefistsSpinefist]]s
*[[Spike Rifle]]
Strangler Broods are formed of up to 8 Gaunts armed with Stranglewebs.
==Varieties Subspecies of Gaunt==*===Gargoyle===[[Gargoyle]]s are a subspecies of gaunt that are are armed with a [[Fleshborer]]. They have also evolved a [[Bioplasma]] attack and wings.===Homragaunt===[[Hormagaunt]] - the basic assault troop, moves very quickly, Gaunt subspecies that is armed only for close combatwith [[Scything Talon]]s. It has also evolved a remarkable leaping ability.*===Spinegaunt==='''Spinegaunt''' - Gaunt subspecies that is armed with [[Spinefist]]s.===Termagaunt===[[Termagant]] - Gaunt subspecies that is armed with a [[Fleshborer]]. Often refered to any gaunt subspecies that carries a ranged weapon symbiote, often used as cannon fodder. Also a general term for any Gaunt with a ranged weapon ==Images==[[image:Spinegaunt.jpg|thumb|center|300px|Spinegaunt]]