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  • {{Ambig|subject=the Sea Creature|disambiguation=Kraken}} [[Lone Wolf]] Aj Kvara battled a Kraken-like [[Tyranid]] creature on the [[Ocean World]] Lyses.{{Fn|4}}
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  • {{otheruses|USE=Chaos creature|OTHERUSE=Imperial Guard Tank|OTHERPAGE=Wyvern}}
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  • ...]] bond, and it is said that Draxus can see through the eyes of the winged creature{{Fn|1}}. During the [[Psychic Awakening]], the Inquisitor Lord allied with
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  • ...fighting, however, sure of their victory, Sanguinius declared ''This foul creature will know what it is to face my wrath. I shall strike him down, I shall be
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  • ...and disease. [[Karlaen]] of the [[Blood Angels]] eventually destroyed the creature by venting its sump-palace to the void and freezing Necrogolem in a tomb of
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  • ...his will culminate in them being required to hunt and slay a [[Salamander (Creature)|salamander]]{{cite this}}
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  • ...al [[Terran]] bear. Its thick fur is particularly adept at protecting the creature from the cold and wet environment of the planet's temperate forest and moun Authorities on Cthelle have reported a few known incidents of the creature climbing aboard out-going spacecraft in search of food and massacring the c
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  • ...ed many to believe that the Overlord is just one of many, and not a unique creature at all. However such notions of individuality are hard to determine when de ...st on them and grow stronger. A Dagon Overlord which devours the body of a creature heals damage and may also, over time, take on traits of those it devours as
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  • ...hs, the result being a mentally unstable, confused, and sometimes deformed creature. The first cloned primarch was [[Ferrus Manus]], created by [[Fabius Bile]]
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  • ...orrupted and augmented by the ruinous powers. Fulgrim was now a serpentine creature of immense stature, and multi-limbed. Each limb carried a poisoned sword, a
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  • ...t would send an early generation Tyranid into hyper-evolution, killing the creature. Unfortunately, the only way to utilize this venom was to board the last re
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  • ...xamples such as "thinking blood", organs that can live separately from the creature they served, and subsidiary brains that serve as a "backup" in case of prim ...the Tyranids makes them a terrible foe to face, for their armies contain a creature specialized for every conceivable facet of warfare, which can be altered an
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  • ...rusted as few will ever be. Psykers represent Humanity's future, the ideal creature into which mankind will evolve; a more powerful, more intelligent and more
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  • |align="center"|'''''Do not ask which creature screams in the night''''' '''''Do not ask which creature screams in the night,'''''<br>
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  • |align="center"|-'''''Hear me, creature. Let [[Meros]] hear this. Your gambit has failed. Whatever these powers are
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  • *'''Lord of Fire''' - This C'tan Shard is a creature of living flame, able to command the fires wielded by the enemy.{{Fn|19}}
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  • ...across the starlight bridge was [[Aza'gorod]], the Night Bringer. As the creature became more manifest and intelligent, the Necrontyr began to worship the C'
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  • ...hroughout the galaxy, and many take on nicknames, usually a type of flying creature or monster.{{Fn|1a}}
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  • ...or they become little more than automatons who have lost the memory of the creature that they used to be in life.{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...rive of the human spirit and how that uniquely ties into his interests; no creature is more volatile or more ambitious. The spark of wishing for a different ex
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  • ...aws fashioned from some glossy metal. Cylindrical vials protruded from the creature's back and stomach, bubbling with liquid as they jostled amongst chitinous
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  • ...that allow it to fly like a buzzing insect. Once it locates the flesh, the creature eats its way inside it until it makes it way out again and then the process ...aws and mouth full of small sharp teeth. The most prominent feature is the creature's long tuft of hair, often of bright colour. These Squigs are bred in great
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  • |quote = ''"They are aliens, granted. But if ever I witness another creature so furiously keen to wipe out the greenskinned scum, it could be a ship’s
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  • ...mour]] and carry assault weapons like [[Power Maul]]s to capitalize on the creature's size and resilience. For firepower, they often wield the [[Grenadier Gaun
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  • The final stage sees the creature as a fully fledged Obliterator and can use the heaviest of weapons in order
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  • * Creature Feature - Rules and modeling for alien fauna * Chapter Approved: Creature Feature (more creatures)
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  • ...ely on a particular species will begin to take the characteristics of that creature. In sentient species such as Orks and Humans, they may also take on cultura
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  • ...heir bodies liquefy rapidly upon death - conveniently making detailing the creature impossible.{{Fn|1b}}
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  • ...said to avoid this hellish place. Catachan is home to the single deadliest creature in the galaxy, and some of its wildlife has even been released on other wor ...hive.org/web/20070520074316/http://uk.games-workshop.com:80/warhammer40000/creature-feature/6/ (Archived)
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  • *[[Traki]]: a large, slow-moving creature prized for its meat and its soft fur. "Traki shoot" is a common expression
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  • ...eatured on the [[Games Workshop]] website as part of ''"Chapter Approved - Creature Feature"'' where rules and background were provided by [[Andy Chambers]].{{ ...0415220346/http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammer40000/creature-feature/2/ Creature Feature ''(saved archive page, dated April 2008, last accessed 15 April 201
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  • |Crafted long ago in forgotten times, these immensely rare rounds creature miniature vortexes within the target upon detonation. Such an event causes
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  • ...he end of [[M22]]{{Fn|4b}}, Psykers represent humanity's future: the ideal creature into which mankind will evolve, a more powerful, intelligent and capable li ...nt who is a [[Psyker]], and this combined with its [[xenos]] DNA makes the creature a highly potent psychic being. He can use his psychic abilities to coerce o
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  • ...aemons almost always occur with their foreknowledge; getting the drop on a creature that is an embodiment of the Master of Destiny is unlikely.{{Fn|3}} Thus a
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  • ...le, with the Primarch even engaging Samus in direct combat and slaying the creature. However Samus was continually reborn by possessing the bodies of the falle
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  • ...t of power armour and a new sword forged from the maw of the [[Kraken (Sea Creature)|Great Kraken]] ''Gormenjarl'' and reputably, the blade could cleave the ic ...ed him of the corruption that he had suffered since Molech. Faced not by a creature of [[Chaos]] but by Horus Lupercal, Russ again engaged his brother in battl
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  • ...elligence that allows Tyranids to coordinate and adapt as if every Tyranid creature is merely a part of a single massive organism, one which is utterly focused ...eatures and manifests as a primal malaise that can never be expelled. If a creature has psychic potential, the horror they feel is magnified tenfold and using
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  • *[[Kraken (Sea Creature)|Kraken]]: Gigantic sea creatures that continue to grow until they are kill
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  • ...for human intervention. The planet is known to house the single deadliest creature in the galaxy, with some of its native wildlife even being released on othe ...y. This creature may be an offshoot of the [[Tyranid]] [[Cortex Leech]], a creature with similar abilities.{{Fn|18}}
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  • ...|familiar]], allowing Huron access to certain psychic powers.{{Fn|1}} The creature is also rumored to be able to read thoughts and transmit them to Huron, whi
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  • ...agnus|shards]]. While before the Oculus, Ahriman struck a bargain with the creature. Ahriman and his entourage of [[Hathor Maat]], [[Sobek]], [[Lucius the Eter
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  • ...ld send an early generation Tyranid into hyper-evolution and thus kill the creature. If delivered to the heart of the swarm it could destroy the entire tendril
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  • The symbol of Saim-Hann, the [[Cosmic Serpent]], is the only creature believed by the Eldar to exist both in the [[Materium]] and [[Immaterium]]
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  • '''Venom Sacs''' are a [[Tyranid]] [[Biomorph]]. The creature has been modified with a sac full of corrosive venom beneath its claws and
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  • '''Voltage Field''' is a [[Tyranid]] [[Biomorph]]. The creature creates a field of electricity around it which dissipates incoming attacks
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  • ...in and was reborn as a Daemon Prince. Now a massive but elegant serpentine creature, Fulgrim told his brother that they would meet again then vanished in a bur
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  • ...ed, [[Slaanesh]], formed mainly by the Eldar's lusts and desires. No other creature of the Warp had such a violent birth as Slaanesh, or was as powerful or mon
    5 KB (865 words) - 11:51, 17 December 2021
  • ...Mind, their relationship with it is closer than that of any other Tyranid creature. This makes them terrifyingly psychic and able to manifest deadly psychic p
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  • ...ce and his cloak made from the scale of a 300-year-old drake [[Salamander (Creature)|Salamander]].{{Cite This}}
    4 KB (532 words) - 22:22, 1 July 2020
  • ..., before using said weapon to hunt down and slay the largest [[Salamander (Creature)|salamander]] they could find. Climbing a high mountain, the two each went
    27 KB (4,338 words) - 20:46, 27 January 2021
  • ...ation of the [[Black Rage]], a Black Angel of pure rage and darkness. This creature is a dark fragment of [[Sanguinius]]' soul and vents its rage through Mephi
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  • ...a separate species indigenous to the moons of [[Ymgarl]] (using leech-like creature called [[Csith]] as main host for reproduction){{Fn|11}} but then spread to
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  • ...nals among the forces of the Anakwanar Sek. Abnormally tall, slim, sexless creature with reverse jointed legs and vestigial horns, it conceals its face at all
    7 KB (1,087 words) - 17:49, 1 October 2020
  • ...ally brought down by [[Demolition Charges]]. As the Colonel stood over the creature's body, he remarked that he had killed bigger things on Catachan, but despi
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  • Literally all of the creature's bodily fluids are acidic, so deep wounds will spew acidic liquids over ne
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  • ...]] [[Hive Ship]]s, or to search-and-destroy missions against key [[synapse creature]]s that direct the rest of the [[Hive Mind]]. For these missions, their arm
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  • ...riously difficult to kill. Equipped with the thickest of chitin armor, the creature can still often function even if badly damages.{{Fn|7}}
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  • .... His inspections awakened an imprisoned colossal bio-mechanical worm-like creature, which attacked him and escaped, ignoring his attacks. He followed its path ...referred to Ferrus as '''The Gorgon''', a reference to the mythical Terran creature whose ugliness turned men to stone. The title ultimately stuck.{{Fn|2b}}
    12 KB (1,992 words) - 20:44, 7 January 2022
  • ...[[Fortress-Monastery]] known as the '''Hall of Tempering'''{{Fn|14}}. The creature is allowed to remain within the host body for twelve hours until they are c
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  • ...de an advantage to the item in question but simply ''"feel"'' right to the creature. This can often be quite frustrating to a Jokaero's allies due to their ang
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  • ...ome close combat specialists who draw their inspiration from the unearthly creature with which they share a name. What they may lack in brute strength they mor
    7 KB (1,031 words) - 22:16, 26 February 2022
  • ...tomise the deadly attributes of their namesake, which can sting and kill a creature many times its size. Preferring to stalk their enemy and strike at them fr
    8 KB (1,231 words) - 20:48, 10 March 2022
  • ...e reappearance of Cherubael, Eisenhorn focused his investigations upon the creature. This led him to [[Cadia]], where he discovered another daemonhost, [[Prop
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  • ...mon using their [[psychic]] powers, giving Tuska enough time to impale the creature between its legs with his [[Power Klaw]] before being killed himself. Howe
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  • ...o cross interstellar space and the voids between [[galaxy|galaxies]]. Each creature of the Hive Fleet is an inseparable part of the [[Hive Mind]]. ...m untold billions of individual consciousnesses, each of which is a living creature in the fleet. Mankind still searches vainly for the higher beings they supp
    4 KB (563 words) - 01:44, 1 June 2018
  • ...very adaptable and highly intelligent as well as being a [[synapse|synapse creature]] that allows them to function independently from the Hive Mind. Their powe
    2 KB (293 words) - 06:35, 21 January 2022
  • ...able point for foes to exploit; they are instead controlled by the synapse creature they protect, becoming an extension of its body. Should their master be kil
    2 KB (373 words) - 06:08, 3 October 2020
  • ...le, as not only are they powerful and deadly creatures, they are [[synapse creature]]s, directing lesser creatures and forming the focal points of the [[Hive M protected by a thick chitin. One might expect such a creature to be slow in its actions, but
    6 KB (866 words) - 00:23, 4 April 2021
  • ...eir [[Synapse Creature]] will often become confused. On such occasions the creature's self-preservation instinct can take over and it will abandon the fight in
    4 KB (599 words) - 09:00, 7 July 2021
  • ...mean they are theoretically capable of gestating into any kind of Tyranid creature with the right impetus from the Hive Mind, from [[Hive Tyrant]]s to [[Horma
    4 KB (539 words) - 16:03, 4 January 2022
  • ...e of psychic artillery used in Tyranid planetary invasions and a [[synapse creature]] used to relay the commands of the Hive Mind to lesser creatures.{{Fn|4}}
    5 KB (674 words) - 03:28, 4 January 2019
  • * '''Crossbreed with Beast''' - the bearer mutates into a hybrid creature, becoming half-[[Beast of Nurgle]].{{Fn|6}} ...follower will be gifted with [[Chaos Spawn|Spawndom]], becoming a mindless creature of nightmarish form.{{Fn|9c}}
    22 KB (3,621 words) - 00:20, 27 October 2020
  • ...them about its many positive aspects. They taught how the mind of a living creature passes upon death into the warp, where it may, if the individual mind has a
    11 KB (1,756 words) - 03:42, 18 July 2020
  • ...ion of sensory input gathered by the ganglia along their backs. Should any creature other than one of the Kroot genus approach, the Kroot Hounds will emit a fe
    3 KB (556 words) - 20:54, 5 August 2020
  • ...th, Curze became known as one of the most brutal and unstable Primarchs, a creature of terror and darkness that set him apart from many of his brothers. Ultima ...come for them. This term quickly came into common usage, describing a dark creature that stalked the city, ready to disembowel anyone it believed to be a crimi
    26 KB (4,296 words) - 17:52, 7 April 2021
  • ...d the [[Daemon Primarch]] [[Fulgrim]], described as a giant serpent bodied creature that annihilated anything they could send against it.{{Fn|21}}
    28 KB (4,282 words) - 14:58, 29 January 2022
  • ...agreed to the daemon's offer to send him to oblivion and allowed the Warp-creature to escape from the sword. It took but a moment for it to posses him body an ...n as a Daemon Prince of [[Slaanesh]]. Now a massive but elegant serpentine creature, Fulgrim told his brother that they would meet again then vanished in a bur
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  • '''Optic Membranes''' are a [[Tyranid]] [[Biomorph]]. The creature's eyes have been modified with an extra membrane which can cover the eyes m
    359 bytes (46 words) - 17:13, 12 March 2020
  • ...ened Exoskeleton''' is a [[Tyranid]] [[Biomorph]]. The exoskeleton of the creature has been enhanced through toughening processes which makes it more durable
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  • ...war god [[Kaela Mensha Khaine]]. Taking their name from the [[Warp Spider (creature)|same creatures]] who protect the [[Infinity Circuit]]s of their [[Craftwor
    5 KB (754 words) - 13:55, 7 February 2022
  • {{otheruses|USE=xenos creature|OTHERUSE=novel|OTHERPAGE=Catachan Devil (Novel)}} ...rminus in a long tail with a poisonous barb, which curves forward over the creature's back. As Catachan Devils grow, they develop more and more mid-sections an
    4 KB (584 words) - 16:41, 8 April 2022
  • ...uted to the inability of the Tyranids to make any progress. A Death Leaper creature, which the Hive Fleets had sought to claim, was captured by Imperial forces
    23 KB (3,742 words) - 06:43, 15 October 2020
  • *'''Nemesines''': These Haemonculi seek the best ways to kill every creature in the material world and beyond. The 'Ever-Nemesines' (or ''Ilynneadhs'' i
    10 KB (1,506 words) - 11:05, 12 January 2022
  • ...[Horus]]' body on [[Maleum]], Bile created a clone of Horus. This confused creature was found by [[Abaddon]], and killed by him in the [[Battle of Harmony]]. D ...a monstrous Golem devoid of free will and swelling with psychic might. The creature was slain by an [[Officio Assassinorum]] [[Execution Force]] during the [[W
    24 KB (3,707 words) - 07:22, 13 December 2020
  • In [[2nd Edition]], the term "enhanced senses" means that the creature has highly developed and sensitive sight, smell and hearing. This enables i
    890 bytes (118 words) - 20:41, 29 October 2020
  • ...of the whip, and has three tentacles which form the rest of its body. The creature survives by slicing flesh from its victims and consuming them.{{Fn|3}}
    1 KB (172 words) - 23:48, 3 April 2021
  • ..., [[purestrain]] Genestealers could originate only from the infection of a creature known as a [[Csith]]. There was no Genestealer cult, as a host died with th
    18 KB (2,693 words) - 15:39, 2 May 2022
  • ...]] surfaced once more. Russ immediately led his Wolves to destroy the foul creature, determined to personally slay the Daemon king himself and avenge those who ...s about to be slain by the Daemon when the real Russ returned, killing the creature with the [[Spear of Russ]].{{Fn|11a}} Bjorn took part in the subsequent [[B
    19 KB (3,151 words) - 15:59, 7 May 2022
  • ...determined by the effectiveness of the feed-formula the breeder gives his creature. Less-effective formulas may result in puny Squiggoths while high-quality f
    2 KB (342 words) - 06:11, 29 March 2021
  • ...ts''' are crafted long ago in forgotten times. These immensely rare rounds creature miniature vortexes within the target upon detonation. Such an event causes
    12 KB (1,827 words) - 04:33, 21 May 2022
  • ...y Chaos champion who originally claimed Torvendis for Chaos by defeating a creature known as The Last. He summons his sword and attacks. The Word Bearers open
    8 KB (1,269 words) - 05:41, 22 December 2018
  • A [[Daemon]] is a creature formed from a fragment of a Chaos God's consciousness. They form the armies ...n fact a perversion created from their perception of the Greater Good. The creature is described as five-fingered, many-armed, and adhering to the concepts of
    5 KB (872 words) - 06:18, 19 March 2021
  • Little is known of this creature's origins and background, nor how he came to power over the other [[Magiste
    3 KB (511 words) - 05:22, 21 July 2020
  • The most recent sighting of a creature resulting cataclysm. If this is the same creature, it is unknown
    4 KB (629 words) - 04:03, 20 August 2021
  • ...lone [[Genestealer]] from [[Hive Fleet Gorgon]] reached Ksi’m’yen. The creature was captured by the planet’s [[Earth caste]] scientists and subjected to
    2 KB (308 words) - 06:08, 12 March 2021
  • ...or battle tanks. At the base of each spine is a small shard-beast Tyranid creature, a parasite that feeds off the blood vessels of the spine. As the spine is
    934 bytes (142 words) - 10:47, 17 June 2021
  • ...s a large cannon-like organism mounted to the back of the Biovore, and the creature fires Spore Mines by activating a powerful muscle spasm which causes the La
    851 bytes (123 words) - 01:47, 21 December 2012
  • ...ace Wolves]] chapter, many of which incorporate diamond-hard [[Kraken (Sea Creature)|ice kraken]] fangs as chainblade teeth.
    3 KB (521 words) - 07:13, 3 October 2021
  • ...across. Together with Oliton, they were able to briefly slay Samus but the creature would just soon be reborn into a new corpse. To prevent this, Oliton bid Lo
    17 KB (2,722 words) - 21:37, 9 January 2022
  • ...is their aggressive and vicious temperament. They will usually charge any creature on sight, including other Grox. They are also large, fast and dangerous bea
    2 KB (288 words) - 21:50, 21 November 2021
  • ...oured in shifting carapace plates that generate a bio-static charge as the creature moves. Known as a '''Bio-Electric Pulse'''{{Fn|1}}, this energy can be chan ...more terrifying lightning bolt. They are also adapted to share a [[Synapse Creature|synaptic link]] with the [[Hive Mind]], allowing them to influence lesser T
    4 KB (603 words) - 20:11, 22 January 2019
  • ...ath World]] of [[Catachan]] is considered the most devastatingly poisonous creature in the entire galaxy; fortunately, it is extremely rare.{{Fn|1}} Catachan B ...archive.org/web/20070520074316/http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammer40000/creature-feature/6/ ''(saved archive page, dated May 2007, last accessed 2 September
    1 KB (214 words) - 18:51, 9 September 2021

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