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  • #REDIRECT [[Emperor Titan]]
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  • {{Ambig|subject=the battleship class|disambiguation=Emperor}} ...EmperorBattleshipIllustration.jpg|thumb|right|300px|An illustration of the Emperor Battleship{{Fn|1}}]]
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  • ...], [[Reborn (Chapter)|Reborn]], [[Red Consuls]]{{Fn|44}}, [[Scythes of the Emperor]], [[Silver Eagles]]{{Fn|3}}, [[Silver Skulls]]{{Fn|8b}}, [[Silver Templars ====The Arrival of the Emperor====
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  • {|class="wikitable sortable" cellpadding="30" cellspacing="10" align="center" borde ...Ultramarines)|Fifth Company]]. Part of a garrison aboard the [[Ramilies]]-class star fort ''[[Indomitable]]'', used against his will as the [[Daemonhost]]
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  • ...their ruthless, independent character. Whether it was this nature, or the Emperor's genetic design for the legion template, or a mixture of both, the nascent ...nd notoriety during the conflict, gaining the unofficial moniker of the '''Emperor's Wolves'''. As a result, they were tithed the bulk of the output of the ca
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  • |Class=[[Dead World]]{{Fn|1}} *{{Endn|1}}: [[The Emperor Wept (Short Story)]]
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  • |Class=[[Dead World]]{{Fn|1}} *{{Endn|1}}: [[The Emperor Wept (Short Story)]]
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  • |Class=[[Dead World]] *{{Endn|1}}: [[The Emperor Wept (Short Story)]]
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  • |Class=[[Dead World]] *{{Endn|1}}: [[The Emperor Wept (Short Story)]]
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  • |Class=[[Adeptus Astartes Homeworld]]{{Fn|16}} ...d, and well-defended. Recognizing Guilliman as one of his lost "sons," the Emperor reunited Guilliman with his [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] of [[Space Marin
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  • ...he Ultramarines marshalled an enormous battlefleet, including [[Starnova]]-class orbital weapon stations, dozens of warships, the Ultramarines' mighty [[Bat ...er. But still the Tyranids had superiority in numbers, until the [[Emperor Class Battleship]] ''[[Dominus Astra]]'' valiantly charged into the heart of Hive
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  • |Battle Cry='''''"By the Blood of Sanguinius!"'''''{{Fn|1a}} or '''''"For The Emperor and Sanguinius!'''''" {{Cite This}} ...[Unification Wars]]. Instead, the Legion acted as the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor's]] inferno, ravaging and annihilating any foe they were unleashed upon. Fe
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  • ...Russ]], and during the [[Great Crusade]] they gained a reputation as the [[Emperor]]'s executioners and instruments of punishment.{{Fn|16}} After the [[Horus ...ng in the [[Unification Wars]] and the conquest of the [[Sol System]]. The Emperor kept the Legion in deliberate isolation from the rest of their peers.{{Fn|4
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  • .... Their [[Primarch]] is [[Lion El'Jonson]]. After remaining loyal to the [[Emperor]] during the [[Horus Heresy]], this legion was later re-organized and divid ...came the crucible in which all the cultures of Old Night combined with the Emperor's genetic prowess to create a new and formidable strain of warrior. Most of
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  • ...Dorn]], [[Death Strike]], [[Doom Fists]], [[Emperor's Havoc]]{{Fn|37}}, [[Emperor's Warbringers]], [[Exorcists]]{{Fn|73}}, [[Excoriators]]{{Fn|5}}, [[Executi ...recognised to be among the most loyal Chapters to the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]] and have been instrumental in holding the [[Imperium]] together during th
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  • |Battle Cry='''For the Khan and the Emperor!''' {{Fn|3g}}{{Fn|43p}} ...han]]. During the [[Horus Heresy]] the White Scars remained loyal to the [[Emperor]], after which they reorganized and split into [[Chapter]]s. Drawing on the
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  • |Class = [[Hive World]] ...{Fn|13a}}, is the [[homeworld]] of [[Mankind]], the resting place of the [[Emperor]], and the most holy and revered place in the [[Imperium]]. Pilgrims throug
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  • ...ace Marines|Space Marine]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] created by the [[Emperor of Mankind]]. Their [[Primarch]] was [[Vulkan]]. The legion remained loyal ...to distance these three legions from the others. There are none save the [[Emperor]] and a handful of his aides who know what the exact purpose behind this po
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  • Originally founded as the '''XIXth Legion''', the Legion was used by the [[Emperor]] as his hidden hand in its early years during the [[Unification Wars]] on ...using nuclear weapons.{{Fn|30a}} The first meeting between Corax and the [[Emperor]] is shrouded in mystery, as the two spent a day and a night in private dis
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  • ...] is [[Perturabo]]. They were one of the nine legions which betrayed the [[Emperor]] during the [[Horus Heresy]], becoming [[Chaos Space Marine]]s.{{Fn|1a}} ...ation Wars]], making its domain one of the most stalwart bastions of the [[Emperor]]. The Legion's [[gene-seed]] showed above average adaptability and a below
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  • |Name=Emperor's Children |Battle Cry=Children of the Emperor! Death to his foes!
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  • ...were the first of the nine Legions which betrayed the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]], becoming the first known [[Chaos Space Marine|Chaos Space Marines]], ple ...tely after their founding. This was due to their early role to deliver the Emperor's ultimatum, delivered by a lone herald in black armour with a skull-faced
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  • ...of the original twenty [[Space Marine Legion]]s. They turned against the [[Emperor]] during the [[Horus Heresy]], becoming [[Chaos Space Marines]].{{Fn|1d}} E ...he Legion was deliberately preserved separately as an isolated unit by the Emperor for special gene-seed augmentation in the future that no other Space Marine
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  • ...o [[Horus]], becoming one of the nine [[Traitor Legions]] who betrayed the Emperor. After Barbarus was destroyed during the Heresy, they relocated to the [[P ...the Unification Wars came to an end and the [[Great Crusade]] began, the [[Emperor]] gave them the title of the '''Dusk Raiders''', a nod to their use of the
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  • ...[[Unification War]]s, still continued banned psy-breeding experiments. The Emperor's retribution on the Enclave was viciously carried out by the VIIIth Legion ...a period of training under the tutelage of [[Fulgrim]], primarch of the [[Emperor's Children]], who introduced him to not only wider military strategems, but
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  • ...at they were deliberately held in check in case any disloyalty among the [[Emperor]]'s troops emerged, and needed to be quickly ended.{{Fn|15b}} ...mes they were deployed in combat during this period, reportedly led to the Emperor himself dubbing the '''XII Legion''' as his '''War Hounds'''. In prideful
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  • ...or's rule remained upon Terra, before being named the Thousand Sons by the Emperor himself and sent out into the [[galaxy]] as part of his [[Great Crusade]].{ ...found the notion of psychic mutants being allowed to exist as part of the Emperor's Crusade distasteful at best and downright impossible at worst and began t
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  • |Battle Cry=''We are returned! Death to the False Emperor!'' ...tating [[Horus Heresy]]. At the [[Siege of Terra]], Horus was slain by the Emperor and his rebellion defeated.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...was able to weather the [[Age of Strife]] and eventually merged into the [[Emperor]]'s [[Imperium]].{{Fn|10}}{{Fn|11}}
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  • ...ers and the Verghastites resenting that resentment and feeling like second-class Ghosts shut out of the regiment's elite sections.{{Fn|5}} The introduction The Ghosts continued to fight superbly in the name of the [[Emperor]] after Ancreon Sextus, returning in full force to liberate Gereon from Cha
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  • |Class=[[Feral World]] ...y excel. They would fight, peerlessly, savagely and to the death, in the [[Emperor]]'s name, provided that name was stamped on high-denomination coinage. Gene
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  • ...rpose and specialty, allowing them to serve in specific functions that the Emperor's forces would need in reconquering the galaxy. ...they were officers of superlative skill promoted to the position by the [[Emperor]]. One of the known Thunder Warriors Primarch's was [[Ushotan]].{{Fn|33}}
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  • ...Part of the purpose of these Missions is to further the worship of the [[Emperor]] and Imperial ideals. They are also vital in evaluating populations for s ...ive a strict orthodox Imperial cult education, and soon come to regard the Emperor as their spiritual father. Their upbringings will have made them loyal and
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  • ...s the Emperor ever done for me?<br>Answer: What have you ever done for the Emperor?''''' |align=center|'''''There is only the Emperor,<br>and he is our Shield and Protector.'''''
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  • ...e normal men and women of the [[Imperium]], called upon to serve the [[God-Emperor of Mankind]] and protect His realm against all threats. That they do so ag ...y become powerful and wealthy figures whose descendants form the new noble class.{{Fn|13}}
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  • ...in. But still the Tyranids had superiority in numbers, until the [[Emperor Class Battleship]] the [[Dominus Astra]] valiantly charged into the heart of Hive
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  • ...nights]] who were created before the [[Second Founding]] by order of the [[Emperor]] Himself during the [[Horus Heresy]]{{Fn|10a}}, and the [[Sons of Medusa]] ...the Imperium could offer and packed up with unflinching loyalty to the God Emperor of Mankind. This event, the creation of the Legions, is known as the [[Firs
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  • |Class=[[Civilised World]]/[[Desert World]] The Tallarn know the [[Emperor]] as the Aba Aba Mushira {{Fn|1a}}
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  • ...e seemingly expanded to great lengths. During the [[Great Crusade]], the [[Emperor]] led two major campaigns to smash major Ork empire. After [[Ullanor Crusad ...owing quicker. The Bad Moons are the closest thing Orks have to a merchant class.
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  • ...Squats during the age of reunification called the [[Great Crusade]] as the Emperor's forces reached the worlds near the galactic core. Many of these worlds we ...eryone of them was arrested for disturbing the peace and sacrificed to the Emperor. Where do you think they get all of those souls anyway? All kidding aside,
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  • {|class="wikitable sortable" cellpadding="30" cellspacing="10" align="center" borde |[[For the Emperor (Novel)]], Chapter One
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  • |disambiguation=Scythes of the Emperor |Name=Scythes of the Emperor
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  • ...rly in this era the noisome warrens of these aliens were cleansed by the [[Emperor]] according to the [[Liber Historica Vangelia]].{{Fn|5a}} During this time, In '''0.257.790.M41''', a Hrud managed to infest the [[Emperor Class Battleship]] ''Paternus Gloriem''. Indentured crewman [[Selebor Mathias]] m
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  • |Class=[[Forge World]] ...home to a machine cult known as the "Teleologicalica" which rejected the [[Emperor]] as the [[Omnissiah]]. Estaban III forged close ties with the treacherous
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  • |Class=[[Forge World]] *[[M31]] — Graia remains loyal to the [[Emperor]] in the [[Horus Heresy]]. Its forces took part in the [[Cataclysm of Iron]
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  • [[Image:EmperorBattleshipIllustration.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Emperor Class Battleship]] There are various classes of Imperial Battleship, but the ''Emperor'' and more recent ''Retribution'' are by far the most common in the Imperia
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  • |Founding Chapter=Derived from the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]]{{Fn|1a}} [[File:EmperorBD.jpg|thumb|The Emperor approving of the Knights-Errant chosen to become the first Grey Knights{{ci
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  • |Class=[[Dead World]], former [[Adeptus Astartes Homeworld]] ...of the planet. He recruited from the population of Olympia and joined The Emperor on his [[Great Crusade]].{{Fn|1}}
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  • |Class = [[Hive World]]{{Fn|2}}, [[Industrial World]]{{Fn|6a}} ...Ullanor]], made famous by the [[Ullanor Crusade]] during the time of the [[Emperor]]. 1,500 years after the [[Horus Heresy]] during the [[War of the Beast]],
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  • For the [[Astartes]] and [[Sororitas]] the boltgun is a holy symbol of the [[Emperor]]'s wrath.{{Fn|9}} The original Imperial boltgun was an invention of the [[Emperor of Mankind]]'s own design.{{Fn|38}}
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  • ...hirty [[Space Marine]] [[Chapters]] are found wanting in the eyes of the [[Emperor]]. The Space Marines concerned embark on a penitent [[Crusade]] into the [ ...lind King's palace-warship hidden in the [[Warp]] and guides the [[Emperor Class Battleship]] ''Dominus Astra'' into battle. The ''Dominus Astra'' destroys
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  • ...eet Calixis]] loses ''Fire of Heaven'' and two of the original ''Chalice''-class [[battlecruiser]]s fighting [[xenos]] in the [[Hazeroth Abyss]]. Two watch ...Inquisitor Medina grant First Lieutenant Calaphas Zanatov a ''Turbulent''-class frigate and a [[Warrant of Trade]], respectively, with the intent that the
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  • |A [[Meritech Clan]] raid on a trio of [[Battlefleet Calixis]] ''Sword''-class frigates triggers a fifteen-year war that ends with the destruction of Meri |The first ''Falchion''-class frigate is laid down at the [[Voss]] [[forge world]].
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  • |Class=[[Death World]], former [[Hive World]] ...ither belong to the Emperor or to no one. On the day of the [[Feast of the Emperor's Ascension]], Jurten unleashed a counter-attack of atomic cleansing in wha
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  • ...lions in recent [[Imperial]] history. While the conflict is named for a [[Class (planet)|planet]] (or [[system]] of [[Badab|the same name]]), the war actua ...or was now his to govern "to better protect [...] them in the glory of the Emperor."{{Fn|1b}} Such an event was not without precedent—the [[Ultramarines]] o
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  • ...who perform the work necessary to apprehend and punish those who break the Emperor's laws. Senior Arbites fulfill both roles, with Judges getting their hands ...ft and counter-insurgency vessels, most notably among these the [[Punisher Class Strike Cruiser]]. The Arbites fleet also operates logistical vessels, trans
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  • |Class=Gas Giant/[[Forge World]]/[[Mining World]]{{Fn|4}} ...sade]].{{Fn|2}} The Human '''[[Jovian Void Clans]]''' were utilized by the Emperor during the Great Crusade.{{Fn|3a}} During the Great Crusade the Jovian Clan
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  • ...inator captains are said to contain a piece of the Terminator Armour the [[Emperor]] wore when he fought [[Horus]] during the final battle of the [[Horus Here ...ustomized neuro-fibre uplinks, it is said, redesigned by the mind of the [[Emperor]] himself. Aquilon Pattern Terminator Armour was said to have adjusted for
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  • |Class=[[Segmentum Fortress]] ...nto the [[Plague of Unbelief]], forming a minor empire that believed the [[Emperor]] was no longer able to rule the galaxy, stretching from Bakka in the galac
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  • |Class=[[Civilised World]] ...Calth became part of the new [[Ultramar]] empire. When Guilliman met the [[Emperor]], Calth became part of the greater [[Imperium]]. By the end of the [[Great
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  • ...before the Imperium had any further contact with the Tau, when an unknown class of alien vessel was encountered by system defense ships at [[Devlan]] in th *{{Endn|5}}: [[For the Emperor (Novel)], Chapter Five
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  • ...Space Marine Legion]]. He was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the [[Emperor]] in the earliest days of the [[Imperium]], just after the end of the [[Age ...orld and then the surrounding region of space, ruling the Inwit Cluster as Emperor of the House of Dorn.{{Fn|2}} Intrigued by the enormous station known as ''
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  • ...The Vindicare Assassin brings inglorious death to the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor's]] enemies with a sniper's bullet.{{Cite this}} Vindicare Assassins have b *[[Morias Skult]] — 2nd Class Assassin, killed [[Ork]] [[Warboss]] [[Urgak|Urgak the Unstoppable]]{{Fn|1}
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  • |Class=Destroyed, former [[Hive World]] and [[Adeptus Astartes Homeworlds]] ..., representatives of their legions, and a group of [[Ultramarines]]. The [[Emperor of Mankind]] led the procession, the sight of him striking blind all who lo
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  • |Class=[[Forge World]] ...of earth and was now guided by the [[Cult Mechanicus]]. Eventually, the [[Emperor]] would [[Treaty of Olympus|unite]] Terra and establish a union with Mars,
    11 KB (1,482 words) - 03:53, 22 March 2021
  • ...Imperial bodyguard unit|OTHERUSE=Tau space vessel|OTHERPAGE=Or'es El'leath Class Battleship}} ...t is the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when. Such is their authority in this matter that [[Space Marine]]s an
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  • |Class=[[Adeptus Astartes Homeworld]], [[Feral World]], [[Death World]]{{Fn|2}} ...the [[Dark Age of Technology]]: Fenris is colonized by [[Humanity]]. The [[Emperor]] described the world as a "relic from before the days of [[Old Night]]".{{
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  • |Class=Former [[Death World]], Destroyed ...ranks together until Jonson eventually became Grand Master. Prior to the [[Emperor]]'s arrival Jonson and Luther united virtually all the knightly orders in a
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  • ...and resolve. He was a very spiritual man, campaigning in the name of the [[Emperor]] and not just for his own selfish gain. He had consuming desires, such tha ...Charaxdis]], Macharius was convinced to move his flagship to the [[Emperor Class Battleship]] ''[[Lord of Light]]''. Macharius always preferred speed and ag
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  • |Class=Unknown ...as held by [[mutant]] rebels, fanatically against the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]] and the [[Imperium]]. Macharius deployed the [[Tallarn Desert Raiders]]
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  • |Class=[[Shrine World]]{{Fn|2}} ...e nature of Macharius that he managed to get this far in the name of the [[Emperor]]. It was the one thousandth planet to be conquered under the 2nd Army Grou
    2 KB (233 words) - 20:06, 15 February 2019
  • ...rgest single empire. However the events of the [[Horus Heresy]] forced the Emperor's remain to be forever shackled to the [[Golden Throne]] and over the next ...system]]s {{Fn|1c}}. Imperial planets are categorised into several broad [[Class (planet)|classes]] according to their function, type of civilisation and te
    16 KB (2,519 words) - 22:34, 5 January 2021
  • |Class=[[Death World]], [[Jungle World]] ...ent no greater hardship than they face daily, so they proudly answer the [[Emperor]]'s call to arms.{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|16}}{{Fn|17}}{{Fn|21}}
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  • ''"I claim this world for the Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium. I bring justice and truth for the loyal. Puni ...ery likely that he is considered to have forsaken the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor's]] trust upon his family and that his punishment will be much more severe.
    10 KB (1,424 words) - 05:45, 3 October 2020
  • ...r's funerary rites are led by its [[Chaplain]]s, recruited from the priest class of Posul, and many characteristics of the Chapter cult are drawn from their ...editative state of near-death prior to combat in order to find out how the Emperor would like them to fight their next battle. If they should die, they are ta
    8 KB (1,212 words) - 06:04, 11 September 2020
  • ...the honour of painting their armour black (to show their service to the [[Emperor]]), while leaving one shoulder pad with the original insignia of the Chapte *'''681.[[M41]]''' - The purging of the [[Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor]] on [[Ghosar Quintus]]
    31 KB (4,411 words) - 13:46, 6 May 2021
  • |Class=[[Dead World]] ...mmand were four [[Space Marine Legion]]s; his own [[Sons of Horus]], the [[Emperor's Children]] of [[Fulgrim]], [[Mortarion]] and his [[Death Guard]], and the
    5 KB (823 words) - 21:51, 31 October 2019
  • |Class=[[Cemetery World]] ...Granithor and are usually those who have perished in the service of the [[Emperor]].{{Fn|2}}
    931 bytes (117 words) - 09:49, 27 July 2019
  • |Class=[[Feral World]]{{Fn|1}} ...rial [[Missionary]] who made it her lifelong goal to bring the word of the Emperor to the dark places of the Imperium. It is said that she bore a scar for eac
    2 KB (280 words) - 16:03, 5 April 2020
  • ...''{{Fn|9a}} which provided with none the less standard '''M32 "Cyclops"''' class battle cogitator.{{Fn|11b}} ...er production, supplying thousands upon thousands of Land Raiders to the [[Emperor]]'s holy forces.{{Fn|4a}}
    16 KB (2,362 words) - 00:11, 3 April 2021
  • ...r]]s accompanying the Crusade declare it to be a miracle and sign of the [[Emperor]]'s grace.{{Fn|6}} ...off from the Imperium and the home to civilizations that knew not of the [[Emperor]]. At this point, Macharius's generals and troops wavered. They pleaded h
    11 KB (1,654 words) - 19:44, 21 August 2019
  • ...e major section of the war for Armageddon on the day of the [[Feast of the Emperor's Ascension]], 941.[[M40]].{{Fn|3}} ...Orks. There were several warnings of the upcoming danger, including the [[Emperor's Tarot]] cards and freighter captains' warnings of disturbances in the [[w
    17 KB (2,687 words) - 08:58, 26 September 2020
  • ..., Imperial forces took heavy losses but intervention by the Scythes of the Emperor not only led to victory but avoided an outright massacre. After overcoming ...Had it not been for [[Admiral]] [[Jallaque]]'s flagship, the [[Retribution Class Battleship]] ''[[Blade of Woe]]'' destroying the Kroot Warsphere Imperial f
    12 KB (1,831 words) - 13:22, 21 August 2020
  • A '''δ-class''' (delta class) or '''Dead World''' is an airless and completely sterile world, totally de |align=center|[[Emperor's Halo]]
    52 KB (7,431 words) - 10:59, 1 January 2021
  • |Class=Destroyed{{Fn|1}}, former [[Feral World]]{{Fn|2}} ...lord of Barbarus|mountain ruler]], toppling them before joining with the [[Emperor]].{{cite this}}
    3 KB (437 words) - 21:00, 17 April 2020
  • ...mican]]. The whole organisation is basically a training institute run by a class of older members known as Instructors. Some of the Instructors are given th ...rificed before the Throne, the Chosen are in time killed in service to the Emperor.{{Fn|4}}
    5 KB (747 words) - 18:07, 7 December 2020
  • ...gants were found to be a potent match for even the [[Emperor Titan|Emperor-class Titan]]s fielded by Yarrick, but despite their power one was felled by Yarr
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  • ...s the most feared of all the Servitors are the [[Praetorian Servitors]], a class of heavily armed and armoured Servitor deployed by the Adeptus Mechanicus t ...]. They are used to carry relics into battle and intone prayers to the God-Emperor, as well as all other jobs given to normal servitors.{{Fn|4}} It is known t
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  • ...onsuls''' [[Battle brother]]s always stood defiant to the enemies of the [[Emperor]]. They used to make regular pilgrimages to the [[Shrine of the Primarch]] ..., the Black Consuls were nearly wiped out, and a [[Word Bearers]] Infernus-class battleship was present during their destruction.{{Fn|3}}
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  • ==Exterminatus-class Weaponry== |Former homeworld of the [[Emperor's Children]], destroyed in the [[Great Scouring]]
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  • [[Image:WageOfSin.jpg|thumb|right|220ox|An [[Emperor's Children]] Pre-Heresy Battle Barge.{{Fn|2}}]] ...alloy, ensuring the superstructure is as solid as the doors protecting the Emperor’s throne room itself. These inner frameworks were then girded in kilometr
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  • ...b}} Strike Cruisers can also be equipped with [[Exterminatus|Exterminatus-class weapons]]{{Fn|27}} or a [[Nova Cannon]].{{Fn|29}} *[[Punisher Class Strike Cruiser]]
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  • ...status as the first Primarch, Lion El'Jonson received the first [[Gloriana Class Battleship]] ''[[Invincible Reason]]''.{{Fn|22}} ...uch a title may one day be likely bestowed by one of the Primarch's by the Emperor. "Alpharius" stated that the XXth Legion preferred The Lion for Warmaster o
    31 KB (5,075 words) - 06:16, 13 April 2021
  • ...iven by the need to atone for the sin of being mutants by fighting for the Emperor.{{Cite This}} ...ersecution and have been placed on the '''Register of Proscribed Citizens (Class A-G worlds)''' by the [[Adeptus Arbites]]. As such, they are effectively pr
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  • {{ambig|subject=Imperial Titan type|disambiguation=Emperor}} [[Image:TitandeathEmp.jpg|thumb|right|280px|'''Emperor Titan''' during the [[Horus Heresy]]{{Fn|16a}}]]
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  • |Class=Unknown ...s legions]] the [[Sons of Horus]], [[World Eaters]], [[Death Guard]] and [[Emperor's Children]]; followed by having the [[Night Lords]], [[Iron Warriors]], [[
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  • ...e region for pirates, leading to the destruction of seven enemy [[escort]] class ships, along with four Roks.{{Fn|2}} ...n|3}}: [[Mercy Run (Short Story)]] by [[Steve Parker]] — [[Hammer of the Emperor (Omnibus)]]):
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  • ...god-engines are the most powerful fighting machines of the forces of the [[Emperor]]. The construction of Imperial Titans takes many years, and many of the mo *[[Emperor Titan]] (including Imperator and Warmonger classes)
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  • ...ace Marines]] back to [[Terra]] from the [[Isstvan System]], to warn the [[Emperor]] of [[Horus]]' treachery. ...time of the Heresy. At over 2 kilometers long and resembaling a [[Gladius Class Frigate]], the ''Eisenstein'' was in service to the [[Death Guard]] by the
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  • *''[[His Will]]'' - [[Apocalypse Class Battleship]] *''[[Triumph]]'' - Apocalypse Class Battleship
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  • |Fortress-Monastery=A [[Ramilles Class Star-fort]], known informally as the 'sky fortress'{{Fn|6d}} ...[[Eye of Terror]] alongside [[Cadian Shock Troopers]].{{Fn|11}} When the [[Emperor's Tarot]] showed a badly damaged [[Space Hulk]] emerging from the [[warp]]
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  • ...led amongst the Sisterhood. All Sisters are taught that to die serving the Emperor is the purest fate his servants can hope for, but amongst the Sisters of Ou ...read throughout the Order and many Novices questioned their faith in the [[Emperor]]. Though horribly damaged, the Order recovered quickly and swore to make t
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