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  • ...guinius was faced with the single greatest foe who would have the greatest effect on his Legion and its descendants down the millennia; [[Ka'Bandha]], Greate ...art as a hobby, such as painting or sculpting. Somehow this has a soothing effect on the inhuman beast inside all of them. The successor chapter [[Angels Pen
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  • ...Samarkand|Samerkend]] in 668.[[M30]] the First Legion took to the field en mass publicly for the first time. With the Emperor himself at their head, the Fi ...of [[Hellblaster]]s and [[Devastator]]s with [[Centurion]]s to devastating effect. The advanced infiltration and reconnaissance skills all Primaris Space Mar
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  • ...between battlefields and developed special expertise in siege warfare and mass shock assaults. Offensively, the Imperial Fists employed assault formation ...sh combat losses, the Legion often recruited from conquered populations en mass. Recorded examples include recruiting every man who could carry a spear fro
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  • ...k operations and subterfuge before striking from a hundred directions in a mass lightning attack known as ''The Harrowing''.{{Fn|23a}} A dubious account gi ...ese cells operate independently of one another and destroying one will not effect the effort of their overall mission, the Legion still loosely coordinates i
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  • ...y]] [[Gahlan Surlak]] announced that he had finally perfected a method for mass production of the Butcher's Nails within the Legion. However the [[Ghenna M Soon the World Eaters would become a byword for mass-scale slaughter and violence, their enemies not merely shot down or blasted
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  • ...g in outbreaks of madness, suicide and random violence. Whether it had any effect on the legion's gene-seed is doubtful, but upon learning of it years later ...d weaponry, their development into a legion of [[Chaos Sorcerers]] and the effect of the Rubric of Ahriman only increased reliance on this approach. Those ma
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  • *'''781.[[M31]]''' — The [[1st Black Crusade]]. Mass invasion of the recovering Imperium ...other Legions, and commanders are adept at using their troops to the best effect{{Fn|1}}.
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  • ...the common Daemons of Tzeentch, generally manifesting as an ever-shifting mass of flesh and limbs with numerous orifices for launching fire. ...tructures force travelers to view all nine dimensions simultaneously. This effect not only distorts the senses of any who intrude, but will also pulls apart
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  • ...y powerful Warlord will initiate a phenomenon known as a [[Waaagh!]] — a mass unification of various tribes and warbands. Fortunately these Waaagh!'s are ...n only work in the hands of an Ork, and a [[Waaagh!]] field amplifies this effect greatly.{{Fn|14}}
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  • ...ratio than is found in humans. Swift muscle contractions create a whiplash effect, allowing the Kroot to deliver powerful blows with great rapidity. On the g The Kroot head is crowned with a great mass of tough, flexible quills that appear to be a part of the Kroot's sensory a
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  • ...me distorting fields are capable of wreaking havoc on entire worlds during mass migrations which are caused by the simple presence of the Hrud.{{Fn|9b}} Sh ...his species is known to undergo what they called a ''"peh-ha"'' which is a mass migration. Once the population of a tribe reaches as a particular level of
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  • ...un fires a self-propelled explosive 'bolt' which explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target, effectively blowing it apart from the in ...75 calibre bolt, composed of a diamantine tip, depleted deuterium core and mass-reactive detonator, typically in bursts of four rounds.{{Fn|7a}} Other fea
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  • ...he Marine a direct and instinctual interface with the armour, making it in effect a second skin. The advanced systems of Space Marine power armour also monit ...ks, the Iron Armour was a heavy, modified Mark II design (itself the first mass-produced Power Armour of the Crusade era). The Iron Armour's structure has
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  • ...quisitor's team on the planet of [[Hubris]] while he was searching for the mass-murderer [[Murdin Eyclone]], who had killed 12,142 citizens of the planet i ...r [[daemonic]] effects in her vicinity. This aura had the unfortunate side effect of making her naturally repellant to most other humans, including non-psyke
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  • ...m is not as refined or as simple as that of the Astartes and thus are not "mass-produced" as the Astartes are; meaning that each Custodian is a unique inve ...Rather, bio-alchemy is used to trigger the subjects own transformation, an effect that takes root in their cells and very soul.{{Fn|25d}}
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  • '''Virus bombs''' are potent weapons of mass destruction, and were commonly used to carry out [[Exterminatus]] in pre-[[ ...but had lost their potency over time and did not have exactly the desired effect. The virus also has a tendency to blow with the winds, and during the Armag
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  • ...d starvation, was halved again and whole areas of city-states were used as mass graves. The Silver Skulls left as quickly as they had struck, fading to not *{{Endn|19}}: [[Cause and Effect (Short Story)]] — [[Hammer and Bolter 8]]
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  • ...1a}} During this year, Eisenhorn successfully tracked down and killed the mass-murderer [[Murdin Eyclone]] on [[Hubris]]{{Fn|1c}}, an investigation that i ...Bure]] of the [[Adeptus Mechanicus]]. This decision would have a profound effect on Eisenhorn's future.{{Fn|3x}}
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  • Bolt weapons fire self-propelled mass-reactive shells known as ''bolts'', which are timed to explode just after p ...the weapon to explode inside the target.{{Fn|2}} This can have a gruesome effect on the target, often killing them in a single shot as their chest cavity or
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  • ...'''heavy stub gun''', is a [[projectile weapon]] similar in appearance and effect to a [[M2]]-era heavy machine gun, firing large-calibre bullets able to sto ...nfantry and vehicles.{{Fn|4}} The heavy stubber is also cheap and easy to mass produce and can be built on many low-tech worlds which might not otherwise
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  • ...ng their power to create a daemon means their entire power is expended; in effect, the god becomes a daemon. When a follower of a Chaos God dies, their soul is absorbed into the greater mass of that god, adding its energy to the already formidable power of that god.
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  • ...together against other races. This undertaking combines the aspects of a mass migration, a holy war, a looting party and a pub crawl, with a bit of genoc ...arboss.{{cite this}} The Waaagh! of [[The Beast]] was so powerful that its effect influenced all of his Orks to grow far larger and more aggressive than norm
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  • ...created solely to harness the potential psychic power of the Hive Mind, in effect a type of psychic artillery used in Tyranid planetary invasions and a synap |A small species of Tyranid which serve as the primary means of devouring bio-mass from a planet. They are the most numerous of Tyranid creatures, and in grea
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  • ...n was overseen by three Iron Warriors [[Stor-Bezashk]]. In the wake of the mass explosions [[Gastraphete]]s, [[Gravitic Ballistas]], [[Manuballista]]s, [[T ...ng [[Void Shield]]s on his [[Battle Barge]], ''Vengeful Spirit'', Horus in effect invited the Emperor to come to him.{{Fn|1d}}
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  • ...strategies.{{Fn|1}} Finally, much of the Ork body is filled with a spongy mass, presumably to protect what little internal organs the Ork possesses. There ...ombats and wins trophies, the respect of other Orks will produce in him an effect somewhat similar to adolescence in the human male: puts on muscle, becomes
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  • ...multi-headed serpent that could attack several targets at once with deadly effect.{{Fn|1e}} ...r the conclusion of the operation, during which time Chaos forces began to mass in response.{{Fn|1f}}
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  • ...ding of technology lies and how they use it solely for creating weapons of mass destruction.{{Fn|3c}} ...ut of the gun, driven out of their tiny minds in the process. This has the effect of terrifying the Snotlings, making them exit the portal in a frenzy, rippi
    5 KB (773 words) - 16:35, 5 November 2018
  • |'''Mass Mutation''' ...is cast over an area of the battlefield, causing all units in the area of effect to take continual damage.{{Fn|5}}
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  • The Galgs are a race whose individuals resemble a mass of tentacles with a bulbous head.{{Fn|2}} They are also described as having ...oily secretion that is drunk by the [[Dark Eldar]], giving an invigorating effect and occasional hallucinations.{{Fn|4}}
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  • ...sive objects such as bunkers or fortifications, where the building's great mass can be used against it, causing it to collapse. {{Fn|1}}{{Fn|3a}}
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  • ...ium]]. In appearance they are small angelic children, with the intentional effect of symbolizing purity. Although cherubim are specially-built for many purpo ...x mannerisms displayed by the Cherubim. The ranks of the Cherubim were not mass produced but tailor made for their masters make each unique.{{Fn|6}}
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  • ...ps the area, causing storm winds and rain of blood. While this storm is in effect, any psychic powers in the area always cause '''perils of the warp''' *'''Mass Possession''' — Daemons reach into the minds of all living creatures over
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  • ...ch's "promised land"), where no outside influence could reach him. This in effect would allow Amnaich to feed upon the billions of souls trapped there for mi
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  • ...2010, and charted at number 22 on the New York Times best-seller list for mass-market fiction. This was the first time a [[Black Library (BL Publishing)|B ...te the evil ones by sacrificing themselves. However, this has the opposite effect, and the chieftan is possessed by a "[[daemon]]." Magnus disappears, alone,
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  • ...others) instinctively drew on the powers of the Pyrae and Pavoni to great effect within moments of arriving on the [[Planet of Sorcerers]]{{Fn|1p}}, much to ...Manipulation]]''' - Operating vast networks of spies, they oversee acts of mass manipulation to destabilize worlds and sway their enemies.
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  • ...rsuits. Destructors are able to revert to their true forms, a nightmarish mass of writing white forms.{{Fn|2a}} Another known rank is the '''Intendents''' ...oak that allows its wearer to disappear from sight by projecting a strange effect that clouds the perceptions of outsiders thus making them practically invis
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  • ...he [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] maintains access to the design. The inability to mass produce the tank means each individual machine has its own idiosyncrasies, ...igins of this are unknown, with some speculation that it could be an after-effect of the vehicle's unique construction, but means that any attempt to recover
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  • ...calls to blow up the monolith, and instead has it forcibly realigned. The effect on the Shriven is immediate, robbing them of their will to fight. At the sa ...arre'', is reassigned, forcing them to travel on an [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] Mass Cargo Conveyance; the ''Absalom''. The problem with this arrangement is tha
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  • ...ials were located on parts of the machine that were able to shift the huge mass of the engine. In addition, it seemingly fed on the power of magma located
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  • ...[[Great Crusade]] Corax's talents for planning and sabotage were of great effect and the [[Raven Guard]], fighting frequently under the orders of [[Horus]], ...ions between the two came to a head, with Corax confronting Curze over his mass slaughter of civilians. The two nearly came to blows, but Corax was able to
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  • ...the demiurg machines' attack breaches the station's atmosphere and causes mass decompression. Linking up with the others in the hangar they fall back onto
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  • ...or a time, but the creature’s endurance seemed relentless and no central mass or brain ...limited ingress into our own—feeding tendrils pushed through a crack, in effect. How such a creature might be killed and whether it is truly unique remain
    4 KB (587 words) - 06:20, 15 August 2015
  • ...works only against vehicles which lack the thick shielding and protective mass of [[Super-Heavy Tanks]]. While this makes the weapon perfect for tank-hunt
    3 KB (435 words) - 12:35, 24 April 2021
  • ...rces and only at the later stage of the conflict, though managed to had an effect much disproportionate to their number. It is believed by the [[88th Army]]' ...t deadly against smaller tanks who lack the thick shielding and protective mass of large super-heavy vehicles.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...ing the foul creatures to destroy his hated Eldar enemies. In the end, the mass sacrifices by Kallorax paid off and the [[Keeper of Secrets]] [[N'Kari]] pl ...ift but heavily armed [[Darkstar Fighter]]s and [[Eagle Bomber]]s to great effect. Nonetheless, the sheer firepower and number of the Chaos ships took a heav
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  • ...opening years of the [[Great Crusade]], but its people had since fallen to mass-psychosis and violently revolted against the authority of [[Terra]]. It was Another effect of the battle was that the Terran-born officers of the Raven Guard had larg
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  • Nemesis force weapon to its maximum effect. With practised ease the Purgation Squad laid Terminators wove spells of banishment, further confounding the mass, yet for every Daemon
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  • ...hers close upon his heels. Everywhere the air was filled with the crash of mass-reactive bolter rounds and the screech of [[ceramite]] being rent asunder. ...bolter rounds, though he was far out of range. Even so, it had the desired effect and Bile turned from his task, his Black Legion bodyguard closing ranks aro
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  • ...top a building with a good view of the square where Slaith was preparing a mass sacrifice including Cardinale and Larisel 1, Larkin prepared a kill-shot bu Sagittar Slaith's death had a profoundly demoralising effect on his Blood Pact forces, who lost the city to the Imperial assault. Colone
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  • ...t. Thousands of civilian craft from massive [[Universe Class Mass Conveyor|Mass Conveyors]] to tiny shuttles rushed towards the Attack Moon, carrying milli ...he anti-psychic nature of the Sisters of Silence, create a reverse Waaagh! effect through the Ork psyche. After Deathwatch efforts to capture Orks psykers on
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  • ...r fleet, boxing them into these killzones. Perturabo rammed three enormous mass-conveyor vessels known as ''Alekto'', ''Megaera'', and ''Tilphousia'' into ...rattack aboard the ''Phalanx'', but another one of Horus' trump cards took effect. The [[Remembrancer]] [[Mersadie Oliton]], who had been brought aboard the
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  • ...rded the world from positions within an asteroid belt. The strikes had the effect of crippling Imperial food distribution in the region.{{Fn|1a}} ...[[Warpsmith]]s used surviving civilians as sacrifices in a vile ritual to mass-produce [[Daemon Engine]]s. All of this however was to mask their true obje
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  • ...sychneuein]], but the difficulties of mass production and scaling of their effect limited their deployment.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...determine what he was meant to do upon Davin. Sanguinius then commended a mass landing on the world, and the enraged Lion nearly ordered that Davin be sub On Davin, a mass [[Drop Pod]] assault was conducted but nothing was found and the population
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  • ...ictorious, the Chaos fleet arrived over Vigilus' orbit. The arrival caused mass chaos throughout the Imperial-held sprawls, with looting and rioting common ...swamps that had once been contained spilled across its surface and caused mass destruction. With one act, Abaddon had struck a blow against the Vigilus Sy
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  • ...ngels were forced to use their own Librarians to oversee Psykers among the mass of refugees fleeing Leviathan. Upon identification, the psykers were conduc
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  • ...egion vessels engaged the foe with a wave of [[Magna-Torpedo]]es to little effect and even close-range [[Macrocannon]] and [[Plasma]] battery assaults caused ...t their fore. Meanwhile on the flanks the [[Host of Fire]] struck into the mass of the enemy horde to disrupt its movement and annihilate its champions. Sp
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