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  • |''Training Manual, [[Penal Legion]], Suicide Bomb Squads'' |align=center| [[13th Penal Legion]]'s Guardsman [[Franx]]
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  • ...I Legion''' of the original twenty [[Space Marine Legion]]s. This loyalist Legion was later re-organized and divided into [[Chapters]] according to the [[Cod |Legion Number='''XIII'''
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  • |Legion Number='''VII''' ...nal twenty [[Space Marine Legion]]s. Their Primarch is [[Rogal Dorn]]. The Legion remained loyal during the [[Horus Heresy]], after which it was reorganised
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  • ...chaeminians provided the initial Terran intake assigned to [[Thousand Sons|Legion XV]]. The Achaeminians appeared to posses a form of superstitious belief in *'''Eternal City''' — A vast city of both splendor and squalor that exists close to t
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  • |Fortress-Monastery=[[Eternal Crusader]] ...march of the [[Ultramarines]], ordered the breakdown of the [[Space Marine Legion]]s into [[chapter]]s. Dorn thought Guilliman a coward for not being there
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  • {{ambig|subject=Chaos Space Marine Legion|disambiguation=Iron Warriors}} |Legion Number=IV
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  • |Legion Number=III ...hildren''' were the '''III Legion''' of the twenty original [[Space Marine Legion]]s, also known after their fall as the '''Lords of Profligacy'''.{{Fn|12b}}
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  • {{ambig|subject=Chaos Space Marine Legion|disambiguation=Word Bearers}} |Legion Number=XVII
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  • {{ambig|subject=Chaos Space Marine Legion|disambiguation=Night Lords}} |Legion Number=VIII
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  • ...|'''I long for death, not because I seek peace, but because I seek the war eternal.'''<br>-''Reflections on the Long Death'' |align=center|'''A single man with faith can triumph over a legion of the faithless. Untold billions of the faithful can never be opposed.'''<
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  • |rowspan=2|[[Alpha Legion]] '''''6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War'''''<br>
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  • ''My pledge is eternal service'' ...there is nobility remaining within [[Konrad Curze|Konrad]]'s [[Night Lords|Legion]], then it is hidden deeply beneath too many layers of twisted lusts, devia
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  • |align=center|Precept [[Catotus]], [[Griffins]] [[Titan Legion]] ...raft. We must accept that this place is lost to us forever, and is now the eternal habitation of abomination.'''''
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  • ...of the Dark Prince's generals are obsessive in commanding a single type of legion, the majority will change formations as mood or need suits them.{{Fn|13}} ...upon the senses that can overwhelm weak-willed enemies. The '''Legions of Eternal Punishment''' have no specialty, but rather call upon the damnations of Sla
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  • ...raft. We must accept that this place is lost to us forever, and is now the eternal habitation of abomination."<br>- from ''The Contagion of Ganymede''''{{Fn|2 ...rial forces was inevitable. High casualties suffered by the [[Space Marine Legion]]s led to the development of the Mk. III [[Power Armour]], suitable for the
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  • *[[Order of the Eternal Candle]] based in the '''Convent Sanctorum (Ophelia VII)''' *The [[Order of the Eternal Gate]] - one of the orders whose responsibility is the retrieval of relics
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  • ...] [[Riotous Host]] for the murder of the planet's population. [[Lucius the Eternal]] was also sighted upon the planet, along with unconfirmed reports of the [
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  • ...erious shells are believed to have been developed in secret by the [[Alpha Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]]. Their sole purpose seems to have been to br ...ne Legion]]. While the term "Chapter" existed to designate a sub-unit of a legion and not Space Marine chapters as they are known in the "present" of the gam
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  • ...eads the [[Iron Warriors]] to [[Olympia]] in response to civil unrest. The Legion kills over five million people and enslaves millions more to pacify the pla |[[Index Astartes]]: [[Black Legion]];<br>[[Horus Rising]], Part Two, Chapter Seven;<br>[[A Thousand Sons]], Ch
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  • ...hey rebuild from their stocks of [[gene-seed]], the Black Wings declare an eternal oath of vendetta against [[Tenebrae]]. ...daemon [[Primarch]] [[Perturabo]], in order to cull the weakness from his legion.
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  • |[[Alpha Legion]] Strikemaster and [[daemon prince]] [[Kernax Voldorius]] uses a [[Dark Age ...perior creatures slumber; when they awaken, they will grant their faithful eternal life and bloody death to their enemies. The cult takes control of xeno-arch
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  • |''[[Eternal Praetorian]]'' is lost with all hands while searching for a stable route in ...e Marine Company|Shadow Company]], and the entire [[Legio Ferrax]] [[Titan Legion]] are among the defenders. The Orks are defeated and Zagdakka killed, thoug
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  • *{{Endn|3}}: [[Eternal Damnation (Graphic Novel)]], ''The lonis gambit'' ...}: [[Index Astartes]] ''Bringers of Darkness: The Night Lords Space Marine Legion''
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  • IF VII Legion Vet.jpg|[[Imperial Fists]] Mark II Armour ...e confines of spacecraft and mining complexes.{{Fn|8}} Because of this, no Legion was ever fully equipped with the Mark III. While successful in the conditi
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  • [[Image:ChaosRising.jpg|thumb|right|450px|[[Black Legion]] Chaos Space Marines led by [[Araghast the Pillager]].{{Fn|3}}]] ...os due to a conspiracy by the [[Word Bearers]]. Besides the [[Space Marine Legion]] under his direct command, the ''[[Sons of Horus]]'', eight of his brother
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  • *The '''Avenue of Eternal Remembrance''': A 100 kilometer-long causeway built from the remains of [[C *18: [[Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion (Novel)]]
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  • ...ps''') is the [[Primarch]] of the [[Thousand Sons]] [[Chaos Space Marine]] legion. A giant in both physical and mental terms whilst a mortal inhabitant of th ...ted as a being of corporeal Warp energy in the Eye of Terror alongside his legion.{{Fn|7}} However, in truth he had been shattered into many shards which act
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  • ...man''' is a [[Chaos Space Marine]] of the [[Thousand Sons]] [[Space Marine Legion]] and the greatest [[Sorcerer]] they have ever produced. ...that bears his name]] — would result in his eventual banishment from the Legion he had spent most of his existence trying to safeguard. His current status
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  • |Combatant2 =[[Black Legion]] |Combatant3 =[[Legion Host]]
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  • **'''7.''' [[Legion (Novel)]] - ([[Alpha Legion]]/[[Imperial Army]]) *''[[Eternal (Short Story)]]'' - published online in December 2014
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  • ...comics either appeared inside of [[Eternal War (Comic Anthology)]] or in [[Eternal Damnation (Comic Anthology)]]. The main difference is the size: the two sma Also appearing in '''Eternal War''':
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  • ...egade Space Marines that split off from the [[Dark Angels]] [[Space Marine Legion]] ten thousand years ago and has since been scattered across space and time ...]], [[Primarch]] of the [[Dark Angels]]. [[Luther]], 2nd in command of the Legion, discovered the plot but for a time his jealously of the Lion prevented him
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  • ...arch]] of the [[Iron Warriors]], one of the original twenty [[Space Marine Legion]]s. Bitter and feeling marginalized by the [[Imperium]], he sided with [[Ho Upon taking command of his Legion, Perturabo reviewed the war record of his new forces. After heavily analyzi
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  • The '''White Consuls''' are a [[Successor Chapter]] of the [[Ultramarines]] Legion{{Fn|2}}, and are one of the [[Astartes Praeses]] Chapters{{Fn|9}} which, ac ...o known to possess two [[strike cruiser]]s, the ''[[Hermes]]'' and the ''[[Eternal Faith]]''.{{Fn|3}}{{Fn|12}}
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  • ''Main Articles: [[Legion Master]], [[Praetor (Rank)]] '''Lord Commander''' was a title often used by [[Legion Master]]s in the Legiones Astartes{{fn|12}}, as well as being of the titles
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  • |style=background:#4F4F4F align=center|'''Chapter/Legion''' | rowspan="2" align="center" | [[Alpha Legion]]
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  • ...s]], the [[First Captain]] of the [[Imperial Fists]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]], and right-hand man to [[Primarch]] [[Rogal ...ystem]] during the [[Solar War]]. He led a fleet which battled the [[Alpha Legion]] during the [[Battle of Pluto]].{{Fn|13}} During the final phase of the So
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  • ...r]] before the [[Great Crusade]]. He led the [[Iron Hands]] [[Space Marine Legion]]. During his time on the world of [[Medusa]] Manus' hands became encased i ...h of the wyrm fused to Ferrus's flesh, giving him the true metal hands his Legion would take its name from. Ferrus returned to the tribes and lectured them o
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  • *[[13th Penal Legion]]{{Fn|2}} *[[Armageddon Steel Legion]]: 25 Regiments
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  • ...s own words on the subject of religion. It was considered as sacred by the legion, especially [[Chaplain]] [[Erebus]].{{Fn|1}} ...legion, it contained all of the arcane lore and sorcery discovered by the legion during the [[Great Crusade]]. Its last known location was in the possession
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  • *[[Armour of Shrieking Souls]] - a [[power armour]] carried by [[Lucius the Eternal]].{{Fn|9i}} ...sh of Torment]] is a daemonically-possessed weapon carried by [[Lucius the Eternal]]. It takes the form of a writhing, barbed whip which appears to have a wi
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  • * The [[Black Legion]] * [[Lucius the Eternal]]
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  • ...ir dark future. Curze was eventually placed in command of his Space Marine Legion, which he renamed the [[Night Lords]].{{Fn|7}}. ...Legion.{{Fn|13b}} Curze began to lose some of the control he held over his Legion, and the visions that plagued him increased in both lucidity and quantity.{
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  • ...Xinon system to put down Chaos cultist uprisings instigated by the [[Alpha Legion]].{{Fn|20}} ...the Eternal]], warbands of [[Emperor's Children]] and the [[Traitor Titan Legion]] [[Riotous Host]]. Unconfirmed reports also indicate the airborne regiment
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  • ...the Death Guard's [[Sorcerer]]s to his cause, and as a result the [[Black Legion]] is known to field substantial numbers of these foul warriors.{{Fn|1}} ...ion]] led his fleet into the Warp. He did not know that he was entering an eternal nightmare from which he would never escape.{{Fn|3}}
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  • They take special pride in their oaths, seeing each as an eternal conflict until the deed is finished. Before battle, additional oaths are ad ...nder attack by [[Orks]]. The Howling Griffons along with the [[901st Penal Legion]] fought against the [[Orks]].{{Fn|2}} Shortly after landing they turned on
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  • ...t the [[Alpha Legion]] in the [[Jorgurd Cluster]]. After tracking down the Legion's cruiser to a hidden asteroid base, Lysander lead the boarding action to c ...hon'tu in the [[Battle for the Endeavour of Will]], earning the Warsmith's eternal hatred in the process.{{Fn|4}} He also has apprehended the mutant [[Soul Dr
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  • |[[Blades Eternal]] |Annihilated by the [[Alpha Legion]].
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  • ...lax the Foresworn|Kososolax]]<br>[[Erebus]]<br>[[Ahriman]]<br>[[Lucius the Eternal|Lucius]]<br>[[Tarraq Darkblood]]<br>[[Varan]] (KIA)<br>[[Krom Gat]](KIA)<br ...r]], [[Jouran Dragoons]] [[Imperial Guard]], and [[Legio Astorum]] [[Titan Legion]] prevented the total collapse of Imperial rule in the sector. The Imperial
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  • ...Contemptor]] chassis, little effort was made to maintain and replicate the Legion's more sophisticated wargear.{{Fn|2e}} Without the technology to protect th [[File:Alpha Legion Dreadnought of the Faithless.jpg|thumb|right|230px|'''Ferrum Infernus Dread
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  • *[[Araghast]] — of the [[Black Legion]] *[[Bale (Chaos Lord)|Bale]] — of the [[Alpha Legion]]
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  • File:Legion.JPG|[[Legion (Novel)|VII. ''Legion'']] (2008)<br>by [[Dan Abnett]] WillOfTheLegion.jpg|[[Will of the Legion (Short Story)|Will of the Legion]] (2020)<br>by [[Andy Clark]]
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  • ...rd]] of the [[Word Bearers]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]], he earned the eternal enmity of the [[Howling Griffons]] [[Chapter]].{{fn|2}}
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  • ...marines. Roughly the size of a pre-[[Horus Heresy|Heresy]] [[Space Marine Legion]]{{Fn|13}} ...gt Huron swore his soul and the souls of his remaining Astral Claws to the eternal service of the Ruinous Powers in return for the restoration of his health a
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  • [[Image:Lucius6.jpg|thumb|right|Lucius the Eternal{{Fn|4}}]] '''Lucius the Eternal''' of the [[Emperor's Children]] is the [[Champion of Slaanesh]]. Lucius is
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  • <center>''"When the traitor's hand strikes, it strikes with the force of a Legion."''</center><br><center>-The [[Warmaster]] [[Horus]] (attributed){{Fn|1c}}< ...e Berserker]], a full-sized [[Chaos Space Marine]] of the [[World Eaters]] Legion. Cain is about to turn and run, when the monster leaps to avoid the flurry
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  • ...Captain|Captain]] of the 3rd Company of the [[Luna Wolves]] [[Space Marine Legion]].{{Fn|1a}} A veteran warrior, Qruze would remain loyal to the [[Emperor]] ...t. Stubborn and a little cantankerous, Qruze was a reminder of the way the Legion had operated in the past. Seemingly unable to break old habits, Qruze still
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  • ...estricted, while sorcery was officially banned. [[Magnus the Red]] and his legion The [[Thousand Sons]] would continue to study such powers in secret. ...Among the group were some of the greatest Librarians of the [[Space Marine Legion]]s. They formed a semi-circle around the Dais to indicate that they spoke a
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  • |align=center|[[Eternal Damnation (Graphic Novel)]], short-story '''Testament''', {{Cite This}} |align=center|[[Eternal Damnation (Graphic Novel)]], short-story '''Such Horrors''', {{Cite This}}
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  • ...ine]] army. Further special rules, equipment as well as specific [[Traitor Legion]] army lists are included. *[[Black Legion]] champion Brother Janus' confrontation with the [[Crimson Fists]]
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  • ...er]] of the [[Emperor's Children]]. He was the second to kill [[Lucius the Eternal]], and was later damned to being trapped within his victim's armour for all ...he [[Horus Heresy]], but it can be assumed that he turned traitor with his legion. He is known as the "Infamous Lord Commander Cyrius".{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...o the Scholastia Psykana before the ship leaves again to continue in their eternal search. It is common for Inquisitors to travel on board these ships, as thi *{{Endn|4}}: [[Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion]], Chapter 15
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  • ...de]] after the [[Horus Heresy]] and their separation from their Founding [[Legion]], the [[Imperial Fists]]{{Cite This}}
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  • ...much as he enjoys such hunts, he also despairs at his personal, seemingly eternal role in the [[Long War]], apparently blinded to the easy way out by his [[C
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  • File:Legion-of-the-damned.jpg|[[Legion of the Damned (Novel)|''Legion of the Damned'']]<br>(Apr. 2012)<br>by [[Rob Sanders]] File:The-Eternal-Crusader.jpg|[[The Eternal Crusader (Novella)|''The Eternal Crusader'']]<br>(August 2014)<br>by [[Guy Haley]]
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  • |Strength1 = Entire [[Imperial Fists]] Legion<br>[[Ultramarines]] task force ...ath of the [[Horus Heresy]]. The Battle involved the entire Imperial Fists Legion and a sizable contingent of Iron Warriors, although the specific size of th
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  • ...chance to fight alongside their brothers in the orbital war aboard the ''[[Eternal Crusader]]'', the Templars' flagship.{{Fn|1d}} Even Grimdalus himself was r ...overall command of [[Colonel]] [[Sarren]] of the [[Armageddon 101st Steel Legion]].{{Fn|1d}}
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  • ...hose to exercise his right, granted by the Emperor, to rename his personal legion: The Luna Wolves were renamed the [[Sons of Horus]].{{Fn|2}} But despite th Unknown to Horus, his brother [[Lorgar]], along with his entire legion of [[Word Bearers]], had secretly fallen to [[Chaos]] and conspired to make
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  • A list of known members of the [[Iron Hands]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] (later [[Chapter]]) of the [[Adeptus Astartes]]. |[[Clan Champion]] of [[Garrsak Clan]], possessed by [[Lucius the Eternal]].
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  • ...le faction in multiplayer and involves the planet [[Aurelia]], the [[Black Legion]] and the [[Blood Ravens]] in the singleplayer campaign. |Title=Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade
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  • ...d deceit, Lorgar weighs the cost of his ambitions, and sets his course for eternal damnation. ...ace Marine Legion|Legion]], while Magnus is a broken soul leading a broken Legion. To this barb, Magnus points out that their actions are only making the [[g
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  • |Captain of the Ninth Order in the Dark Angels [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] during the [[Horus Heresy]]. |Captain in the Dark Angels Legion during the [[Great Crusade]], where he served under [[Chapter Master]] [[As
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  • |[[Blazoned Legion]] |[[Blood Legion]]
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  • [[Scaevolla]], warrior of [[Ezekyle Abaddon|Abaddon's]] [[Black Legion]], is on the hunt. His quarry is [[Space Marine Captain|Captain]] [[Demetro ...much as he enjoys such hunts, he also despairs at his personal, seemingly eternal role in the [[Long War]], apparently blinded to the easy way out by his [[G
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  • | 7 || [[Legion (Novel)|Legion]] || [[Dan Abnett]] || 2008 | [[Garro: Legion of One]] || [[James Swallow]] || 42 || 2011
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  • ...oboute Guilliman]] and [[Malcador (Character)|Malcador the Sigilite]]. The Legion in its entirety was forced to kneel in the ashes of their greatest achievem ...]. It was there that they were attacked by a force of the [[Word Bearers]] legion{{Fn|24}}{{Fn|28}}
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  • | [[The Everliving Legion (Anthology)|The Everliving Legion]] || Various || [[Necrons]] || 2015 | [[The Eternal Crusader (Novella)|The Eternal Crusader]] || [[Guy Haley]] || [[Space Marine Battles (Novel Series)|Space
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  • |Location of the [[Eternal crusade]] |Was a recruitment world for the [[Dark Angels]] [[Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]]
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  • ...aptain]] of the 3rd [[Fellowship]] of the [[Thousand Sons]] [[Space Marine Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]]. Maat was also the Magister Templi of the [[ ...on. He is known to have spent time serving with the [[Emperor's Children]] Legion. Maat was noted to be exceptionally proud of an [[Oath of Moment]] attached
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  • Known members of the [[Emperor's Children]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]]. ...stvan III]], tasked with maintaining communication between elements of the Legion during the Heresy.
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  • ...Dembski-Bowden]] || [[Lords of the Space Marines (Novel Series)]]/[[Black Legion]] || 2013 || e-short || [[Renegades of the Dark Millennium (Anthology)]] || |[[Eternal (Short Story)]] || [[Dan Abnett]] || [[Blood Angels]] || 2014 || e-short ||
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  • ...ith a [[Sniper Rifle]]{{Fn|2a}} and survive, and also besting [[Lucius the Eternal]] twice in sword combat.{{Fn|2d}}{{Fn|2e}} ...d by fellow loyalist legionnaire [[Sabik Wayland]] from the [[Iron Hands]] Legion. Sharrowkyn and Wayland escaped the massacre aboard one of the Iron Hands'
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  • Image:Black legion khorne berzer miniature.jpg|[[Khorne Berzerker]] Image:Lucius-model.jpg|[[Lucius the Eternal|Lucius]]
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  • ...on once used by [[Sindri Myr]], [[Chaos Sorcerer|Sorcerer]] of the [[Alpha Legion]] |Taken from a slain member of the [[Alpha Legion]] on the planet [[Tartarus]]
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  • |[[Black Legion]] |Known as '''Abaddon the Despoiler'''. Lord of the [[Black Legion]], [[Warmaster]] of Chaos.
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  • ...mperial Guard]] detachments but also [[Space Marine]] detachments, [[Titan Legion]]s, and [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] forces. The Crusade also operates in close c *''Eternal Requiem'' — [[Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser]]
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  • ...imbue the [[Daemons]] of the cohort they lead with a portion of their own eternal malice, heightening the inherent bloodlust of the minions of Khorne to a fe ...ten found in the Blood God's armies leading a cohort of a [[Brazen Thunder Legion]], and in battle they are always at the forefront of a [[Bloodcrusher]] cav
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  • ...SE=Black Templars Battle Barge|OTHERUSE=Novella by Guy Haley|OTHERPAGE=The Eternal Crusader (Novella)}} ...home to the [[High Marshal (Black Templars)|High Marshal]] himself. The ''Eternal Crusader'' holds most of the Chapter's relics, chapels, and reliquaries and
    3 KB (505 words) - 09:54, 24 August 2020
  • ...he [[Siege of Terra]] and like most within the Iron Warriors, has swore an eternal hatred for their rivals, the [[Imperial Fists]].{{Fn|2c}} Once upon a time ...n'tu has much contempt for his fellow Warsmiths and considers those in his Legion who do not work with the Ruinous Powers to be weak. But despite his prepara
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  • ...(Night Lords)|10th Company]] of the [[Night Lords]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]] and [[Horus Heresy]].{{Fn|1a}} ..., [[Lethandrus|Lethandrus the Templar]], paladin of the [[Imperial Fists]] Legion, and [[Raguel|Raguel the Sufferer]], captain of the [[Blood Angels]] 7th Co
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  • *[[Blades Eternal]] - Fate unknown *[[Tempest Legion]] - Became [[The Revelation of Gore]]
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  • *[[Lucius the Eternal]] *[[Black Legion - A Codex: Chaos Space Marines Supplement (6th Edition)]]
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  • ...re removed to the training world of [[Bodt]], where the [[World Eaters]] [[Legion]] were concentrated.{{Fn|2a}} ...as the machinations of the [[Tenebrae]], a [[Chaos Warband]] and swears an eternal vow of vendetta against this Chaos worshipers.{{Fn|3}}
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  • ...can fight side-by-side with his chapter once more or they can receive the eternal rest they so richly deserve.{{Fn|1}}
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  • |align="center"|''[[Eternal Crusader]]'' ...ter"|Renamed ''[[Harbinger of Doom]]''. In active service with the [[Black Legion]].
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  • ...1a}} Amon's aim was to destroy his own [[Legion]], releasing them from the eternal damnation caused by the [[Rubric of Ahriman]]. In order to reverse the Rub
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  • ...ntrolled the region. During the bloodshed of the [[Scouring]], the [[Alpha Legion]] warlord [[Dynat Mal]] fled to the Sector's [[Mandragoran Stars]]. Dynat's ...cted the [[Imperial Creed]] and venerated a superior race that would bring eternal life to their loyal servants when they awakened. The cult took xeno-archeol
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  • The Night Raptors were a caste apart from the rest of their legion - not so much a martial elite as a bloody coterie of murderers unified by s ...se images normally depicted the doom of the Night Lords past victims in an eternal loop, amusing the wearer and stunning the target.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...nthology (2013/14)]]<br>[[The Everliving Legion (Anthology)|The Everliving Legion]] The world of Sandran is plagued by an eternal horror. Terrifying mechanical monsters with knives for fingers, which drape
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  • ...y)|Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos]]''<br>by [[Aaron Dembski-Bowden]]<br>([[Black Legion]]) ...g|100px]]<br>''[[Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster (Audio Drama)|Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster]]''<br>by [[Graham McNeill]]<br>([[Emperor's Children]])
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  • ...rrible history of blood and death. [[Abaddon the Despoiler]], [[Lucius the Eternal]], [[Typhus]] the [[Herald of Nurgle]], [[Ahriman]], [[Huron Blackheart]], ...ds of the Dark Millennium: Lucius the Eternal (Background Book)|Lucius the Eternal]]
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  • |Name =Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster '''Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster''' (named also '''Lucius: The Eternal Blade''' in the audio drama) is an audio drama by [[Graham McNeill]]. It wa
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  • '''Sanakht''' was a former member of the [[Thousand Sons]] [[legion]]. *{{Endn|1}}: [[Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster (Audio Drama)]]
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  • ...y the most fanatical members of the [[Word Bearers]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] during the [[Horus Heresy]], but have recently been adopted by other Legi ...-store/26-relic-limited-edition-duo---chaos-space-marine Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - Founder Store - Chaos Space Marines Add-ons]
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  • ...[[Bolt Gun]]s used primarily by [[Aspiring Champion]]s, within the [[Black Legion]]. They mark the [[Chaos Space Marine]]s who wield them, as ones to watch w ...s://www.eternalcrusade.com/rogue-trader/194-rage-spitter Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - Rogue Trader Store - Chaos Space Marines]
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  • ...s, including Warp-infused armour and infernal engines of destruction. His legion of gun-servitors are in fact heretical parodies of the constructs used by t ..., but so long as the false Xanthite maintains his record of success in the eternal battle against the Enemy Beyond, the question is likely to remain unanswere
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  • ...because they battled each other. He struggled, reflecting on the abuse his legion suffered from the Emperor and that the destruction of both side's forces we ...but he moved anyway. As he moved, he felt overwhelmed by the futility and eternal nature of the war.{{fn|1}}
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  • |''[[Eternal Soul of Sanguinius]]''||[[Strike Cruiser]]||||Post-Heresy||Dispatched to d ...esy||Flagship of [[Sanguinius]] and the Blood Angels [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] during the [[Great Crusade]]. Head of the fleet gathered to purge the [[
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  • ...reassigned to an under-strength legion, and his dreams of glory in Horus' Legion were shattered when he found himself in the [[White Scars]] instead. While ...bou Khan]] willingly surrendered themselves. Held as a prisoner by his own Legion thereafter, Torghun eventually joined the ranks of the [[Sagyar Mazan]].{{F
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  • ...reliquary for an ancient and powerful artifact of the [[Thousand Sons]] [[Legion]], the [[Athenaeum of Kallimakus]]. ...nt with its planet, ensuring that no sunlight reached the moon, causing an eternal solar eclipse.{{Fn|1a}}
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  • ...der [[Space Marine Captain|First Captain]] [[Sigismund]], when the [[Alpha Legion]] began their attack on the [[Sol System]] during the [[Horus Heresy]]. ...ght]], and died in front of [[Sigismund]] proclaiming the [[Captain]] his eternal brother.{{Fn|2}}
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  • **[[Titan Legion]]s ***[[Alpha Legion]]
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  • ...ed Friedisch's life to try and merge his soul with Cawl's body and achieve eternal life. However unexpectedly, Sedayne's personality was overpowered by Cawl a ...bine more entities within his own intelligence core, becoming in essence a legion of separate beings described as a mesh of souls rather than a combination o
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  • Only in perfection can evil flourish. With the [[Space Marine Legion]]s falling upon one another in open battle, the most flawed of the mighty [ *''[[Lucius: The Eternal Blademaster]]'' by '''Graham McNeill'''
    2 KB (306 words) - 06:42, 5 December 2018
  • ...the Emperor to the [[Golden Throne]], the Hetaeron Guard has maintained an eternal vigil over the [[Sanctum Imperialis]] and symbolically wear black cloaks{{F *{{Endn|2}}: [[Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion (Novel)]] — Chapter 1
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  • ...th the surge of [[Chaos]] activity across the [[galaxy]] and the threat of eternal damnation more real than ever, the [[Adeptus Custodes]] have taken their vo *One detachment: Golden Legion Task Force
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  • ...even after he dies. After all, there's a reason he's known as [[Lucius the Eternal]]... ...with a mission that will secure his ascension to the ranks of the [[Black Legion]]: infiltrate and capture a forge world controlled by his former brothers.
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  • ...ed by a servant of another god — a champion of the old [[Death Guard]] [[Legion]], no less. Keen to remain dominant over his preening and ambitious rivals
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  • The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Traitor Titan Legion]] that has fallen to [[Slaanesh]]; its [[Titan]]s are now equipped with [[S ...[[Imperium]] world [[Extremis Six]] and, under the orders of [[Lucius the Eternal]], used their Sonic weapons to cause the world's numerous starscrapers to c
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  • ...during the [[Thirteenth Black Crusade]]. Under the orders of [[Lucius the Eternal]], the Riotous Host used their [[Sonic Weaponry]] to level Extremis Six's n
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  • |style=background:#4F4F4F align=center|'''Chapter/Legion/Warband''' | rowspan="3" align="center" | [[Alpha Legion]]
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  • ...ined on the world where Magron and Abaddas had been fighting and the Alpha Legion Warband quickly withdrew to their ships and left. With the battle now done, ...rship of Khorne was now gone and told Magron he had just robbed himself of eternal life and glory. The former Captain then pulled his weapons on Magron and th
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  • ...pace Marine Captain|Captain]] in the [[Dark Angels]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] and during the [[Great Crusade]] ...anded in space{{Fn|1a}} following a space battle with the [[World Eaters]] Legion{{Fn|1c}}, was unaware that ten millennia had passed or that the Imperium ha
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  • Image:Black legion khorne berzer miniature.jpg|[[Khorne Berzerker]] Image:Lucius-model.jpg|[[Lucius the Eternal|Lucius]]
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  • ...|Post-Heresy||Current flagship of [[Lucius (Emperor's Children)|Lucius the Eternal]].||{{Fn|17}} ...-variant||Post-Heresy||Commanded by [[Fabius Bile]]. Taken by the [[Black Legion]] during the [[Battle of Harmony]].|||{{Fn|4b}}
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  • ...[[Ghazghkull Thraka]], and when the [[Astra Militarum]] and whole [[Titan Legion]]s prove unable to halt the invasion, it is feared that both the planet and *[[The Eternal Crusader (Novella)]] by [[Guy Haley]]
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  • Originally part of the Emperor's Children [[Legion]] under the command of the [[Captain]] [[Kasperos Telmar]], the 12th compan ...r of the 7th Company, now fancies himself as a swordsman like [[Lucius the Eternal]]. Killed by [[Oleander Koh]] after attempting to backstab him during [[Th
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  • |''[[Eternal Pain]]''||[[Grand Cruiser]]||||Post-Heresy||Fought in the conflict in the [ ...[Battleship]]||[[Gloriana Class Battleship|Gloriana]]||Pre-Heresy, Heresy||Legion Flagship during the [[Great Crusade]] and [[Horus Heresy]]. Destroyed over
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  • **[[Lucius the Eternal|Lucius]] *[[Alpha Legion]]{{Fn|1n}}
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  • ...before. Remorseless, these warriors are beyond life and death. They are [[Legion of the Damned|damned]] and so, he realises chillingly, is he...
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  • |[[Eternal Damnation (Comic Anthology)]] — '''The Ionis Gambit''' |[[Eternal Damnation (Comic Anthology)]] — '''The Samos Sanction'''
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  • |[[Codex: Space Marines (6th Edition)]] (E-Book Edition) — ''The Eternal Crusade'' |[[First Captain]] of the [[Imperial Fists]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]]; became the first [[High Marshal (Black Templars)|High Marshal]] of the [
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  • ...s, controlled both a large army, and armada headed by his flagship [[Glory Eternal]], which he had taken from the [[Ultramarines]]. All this made him a formid ...st brother and told the Dreadnought they had come to bring him back to his Legion. To his shock however, the Dreadnought immediately refused Amatnim's offer.
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  • ...set of the invasion Amatnim's armada led by the [[Battle Barge]] ''[[Glory Eternal]]'' easily crushed the Odoacer System's [[Imperial Navy]] defense fleet.{{F ...ite Scars]] [[Battle Barge]] ''[[Silent Horseman]]'' destroyed the ''Glory Eternal''.{{Fn|1k}}
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  • ...[[Leviathan Dreadnought]], in the [[Thousand Sons]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] and he took part in the [[Battle for Prospero]].{{Fn|1}} ...allery/prospero Prospero Expansion] (Last Accessed on 31 August 2019) - "''Eternal Guardian''" card description
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  • ****[[Legio Incurvos]] - 1 [[Titan Legion]] ****[[Legio Inardescus]] - 1 [[Titan Legion]]
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  • ...lly known as the '''Eye of Terra''', the eye represented the [[Emperor]]'s eternal vigilance.{{Fn|2}} Following the [[Ullanor Crusade]] and the elevation of H Ten thousand years later, the [[Black Legion]] continues to use the Eye of Horus in its own symbol.{{Fn|3}}
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