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  • ...ngels of Absolution''' are a [[Second Founding]] [[Chapter]] of the [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|5a}} |Name=Angels of Absolution
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  • |subject=unit of Space Marines ...]. As a Primarch was found, he would receive the [[Legion Master|command]] of his respective Legion.
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  • |Name=Dark Angels ...spected), [[Lions Sable]],<br>[[Penitent Blades]]{{Fn|67a}}, [[Persecutors of Darkness]], [[Prime Absolvers]]{{Fn|67a}},<br>[[Repentant Brotherhood]], [[
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  • ...hapters created before or during [[Age of Apostasy]] as during the [[Reign of Blood]] many Imperial records were shamelessly destroyed forever{{Fn|11c}}. ...[[Emperor]] Himself during the [[Horus Heresy]]{{Fn|10a}}, and the [[Sons of Medusa]], who were ratified by unprecedented edict in 011.[[M37]]{{Fn|3c}}.
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  • ...Heresy]]{{Fn|1}}, in 021.[[M31]]. This [[Founding]] involved the division of the existing Space Marine Legions into the smaller, autonomous Chapters int ...nd traditions distinct from their Progenitors, while still remaining proud of their roots.{{Fn|1}}
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  • |disambiguation=Scythes of the Emperor |Name=Scythes of the Emperor
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  • |Far eastern rim of the [[Galaxy]] assaulted by an [[Ork]] [[Waaagh!]] |Two [[High Lords of Terra]] assassinated.
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  • |Founding=During the [[War of the Beast]]{{Fn|29}} ...ter Master was known as the [[Watch Commander]] but today multiple holders of the title exist
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  • ...ruses|USE=Fallen Space Marines|OTHERUSE=Novel by Mike Lee|OTHERPAGE=Fallen Angels (Novel)}} |Origin=[[Dark Angels]]{{Fn|5}}
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  • ...ngels of Absolution''' are a [[Second Founding]] [[Chapter]] of the [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|5a}} |Name=Angels of Absolution
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  • ...of keeper of secrets and traditions. The current Cypher is said to be one of [[The Fallen]].{{citethis}} ...against the [[Imperium]], an ally or enemy to those who betrayed the Dark Angels. Cypher does not always work alone, at times seeming to ally or associate h
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  • [[Image:AstartesMap.jpg|thumb|right|220px|Map of Adeptus Astartes Homeworlds]] ...f the chapter planet, in which case the Chapter Master also holds the rank of [[Planetary Governor]].{{Fn|3b}} Chapter Planets are exempt from normal Imp
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  • ...'''Victory does not always rest with the big guns, but if we rest in front of them we shall be lost.''''' |source=—'''Lord Commander Argentius, Chapter Master of the Silver Skulls'''{{Fn|6d}}{{Fn|13}}
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  • ...' are a [[fleet-based]] [[Space Marine Chapter]], operating at the fringes of galactic space.{{Fn|1}} ...t for a series of close-fought boarding actions, as well as for the rescue of the [[3rd Company (Ultramarines)|Ultramarines Third Company]].{{Fn|3a}}
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  • A list of [[Space Marine]] [[Battle Barges]]. |align=center|''[[Vow of Absolution]]''
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  • ...]]{{Fn|1}}) took part in the Crusade, intended to liberate the star system of [[Corinth]] from the [[Ork]] Warlord, [[Skargor the Despoiler]]. The overal ...[[Chapter Ancient]], [[Galatan]], stormed the breach carrying the [[Banner of Macragge]]. Thousands died in the nine-day effort to storm the breach. Sk
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  • [[Chapter Master|Chapter Masters]] are the leaders of [[Space Marine Chapter|Space Marine Chapters]]. |First '''Chapter Master''' of the Absolvers.
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  • The following is a list of known [[Space Hulk]]s. The listed names are the codenames which the [[Impe |''[[Agony of the Damned]]''
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  • ...tide's tutelage, Kais became a master of the Monat ("Lone Warrior") method of combat. ...[[Imperium of Mankind]]'s [[Imperial Guard]] and [[Blood Ravens]] Chapter of Astartes, the [[Eldar]], and the [[Necrons]]. A strong yet merciful command
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  • ...ought''' is a rare [[Space Marine Dreadnought]] pattern used by the [[Dark Angels]] and their [[Unforgiven|successor chapters]]. Its origins and why only the ...Space Marine Legions]] deployed the large assault spearheads made entirely of Dreadnoughts and this sub-type was much needed dedicated a fire support dur
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  • ...g the downfall of [[Caliban]] and the corruption of a number of the [[Dark Angels]] [[Legion]] under [[Luther]]. {{Fn|1a}} ...llies the Dark Angels keep their own company, lest someone learn something of their shameful history by mistake and let their greatest secret escape.{{Fn
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  • ...rom being able to control so many troops ever again. Over time, the number of chapters has grown, and is said to number a thousand. This is a pictorial list of the chapters named by Games Workshop in official texts, and does not includ
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  • ...ion of Alpharius''' is a [[Chaos Lord]] of the [[Alpha Legion]] and leader of [[the Faithless]], an Alpha Legion warband. He and his warriors were based ...l ally of renegade cardinal [[Xaphan]].{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|2}}{{Fn|3}} At the end of the conflict, he was captured by the [[Unforgiven]] and his warband is now
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  • ...f Terror]] ever since the [[Horus Heresy]] and was home to a powerful band of warriors dedicated to fighting the [[Emperor|False Emperor]].{{Fn|1}} It was destroyed near the end of the [[Siege of Vraks]] by the [[Angels of Absolution]] [[Battle Barge]] ''[[Liberatorii Delictum]]'' and the [[Strike Cruiser]]
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  • ...barge]] ''[[Anarchy's Heart]]'' and operated in the sectors near the [[Eye of Terror]].{{Fn|1a}}{{Fn|2a}} |Base of operations=''[[Anarchy's Heart]]'' (destroyed){{Fn|2a}}{{Fn|2b}}
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  • ...n|Legion]] and [[Chapter]], including individuals who have become [[Fallen Angels]]. |Captain of the Ninth Order.
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  • This is a list of the Loyalist [[Space Marine]] [[Chapter]]s that have been named by Games Wo ...of chapters has grown, and is said to number around a thousand at the time of the 41st Millennium.{{Cite this}}
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  • This is a list of the [[Space Marine]] [[Chapter]]s, [[Renegade Space Marine]] forces and [[ ...of chapters has grown, and is said to number around a thousand at the time of the 41st Millennium.
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  • This is a list of [[Dark Angels]]- specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard war |[[Blade of Caliban]]
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  • |Name = Siege of Vraks |Combatant2 = [[Chaos|Forces of Chaos]]
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  • ...helmed the Master with a [[Daemon Weapon|Daemon Blade]], ripping open half of his face. Arkos delivered the final blow by slashing him across the chest, *{{Endn|1}}: [[Imperial Armour Volume Five: The Siege of Vraks]] pg. 82
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  • ...] ceasing to use the cryptic designation of [[Unforgiven]] for the members of their Chapter.{{Fn|1}}
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  • The '''Invasion of Nova Sulis''' was a battle during the [[Plague of Unbelief]] in 302.[[M36]].{{Fn|1}} ...y and wealthy water barons of Sulis had been eager supporters of the [[Age of Apostasy|Apostasy]], taking the Cardinal's stolen wealth in return for weap
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  • Order of Battle for the [[Imperium]] of [[Humanity|Man]] and the forces of [[Chaos]] during the [[13th Black Crusade]]. *[[Angels of Absolution]] - 10 Companies
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  • ...ts''' are fierce warriors who are part of the fighting elite of the [[Dark Angels]] and their [[Unforgiven|successors]]' [[Deathwing]] units.{{Fn|1}} ...y's own exclusive [[Inner Circle]], learning the some of the hidden truths of the [[Unforgiven]].{{Fn|2a}}
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  • ...ngels, luring them into the edge of the [[Eye of Terror]], though the Dark Angels and their allies were eventually able to escape.{{Fn|1}} ...r Circle]] has covered up the truth, but it is said that this was the Dark Angels first encounter with [[Cypher]].{{Fn|2}}
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  • |Affiliation=[[Imperium]] ([[Dark Angels]]) ...as one of the most prominent and reliable recruiting worlds for the [[Dark Angels]] [[Chapter]]. However, in [[550.M40]]{{Fn|1}}, the world fell into civil w
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  • [[Image:MaceOfAbsolution.jpg|thumb|right|[[Deathwing Knight]] with a Mace of Absolution{{Fn|2}}]] ...us weapons have their power amplified in the presence of the most accursed of heretics.{{Fn|1}}
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  • [[Image:DKFlail.jpg|thumb|right|[[Deathwing Knight]] Master with a Flail of the Unforgiven{{Fn|2}}]] ...ll [[Fallen]] of their ultimate fate if they are to be taken by the [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|1}}
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  • This issue of '''''[[Warhammer Monthly]]''''' features comics from the worlds of [[Warhammer 40,000]]. *'''[[Bloodquest]] III - 10. Absolution''' - about the [[Blood Angels]]
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  • ...th book in the [[Index Astartes (Background Books)|Index Astartes]] series of background books by [[Black Library (BL Publishing)|Black Library]]. ...e the Death Company are sent against the deadliest foes so they might find absolution and glory in death.
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  • ...]], which was bloodily put down by the [[Angels of Absolution]] and [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|1}} It occurred somewhere in the [[Segmentum Pacificus]].{{Fn|2}} *[[List of Anti-Imperial Rebellions]]
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  • ...s the [[Dark Angels Grand Master|Supreme Grand Master]] of the [[Angels of Absolution]] [[Chapter]], who was killed by the [[Fallen Angel]] [[Cypher]].{{Fn|1}} *[[List of Chapter Masters]]
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  • ...elements of the [[First Legion]]'s armour and his head is shaped like one of ancient [[Caliban]]'s [[Calibanite Lion|much-feared lions]].{{Fn|1a}} ...is that Marbas now speaks too much truth and his actions in the aftermath of the [[Great Rift]]'s creation have made him infamous to the [[Unforgiven]].
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  • ...he [[Angels of Absolution]] [[Chapter|Chapter's]] [[6th Company (Angels of Absolution)|Sixth Company]]. He bears the [[Space Marine Company|company's]] motto, ' *[[List of Named Dreadnoughts]]
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  • '''Sephlagm''' is a [[Dead World]] that was once part of the [[Imperium]].{{Fn|3}} ...teleported away, right before the missile hit and destroyed what remained of the Steel Legion force.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...ng world for the [[Lions Sable]] [[Chapter]], which was part of the [[Dark Angels]]' [[Unforgiven]].{{Fn|1}} ...in the Forgotten Wars{{Fn|1}}. It is now primarily used by the [[Angels of Absolution]] Chapter.{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...ierce fighting that sees many loyalist Astartes fall. With the elimination of its leaders, the rebellion fractured.{{Fn|1}} *[[List of Anti-Imperial Rebellions]]
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  • ...lt and have been heard to call for the Blood Ravens to suffer a similar ''"absolution."''{{Fn|1}} ...: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising]]: '''Final Absolution of Caliban''', wargear selection screen
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  • '''List of Anti-Imperial Rebellions''' all across the [[galaxy]] and time. |[[Crusade]] by the [[Black Templars]] directed at the rebel drift worlds of [[Mangdragora Sector]].
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  • |Name =Codex: Dark Angels |Preceded by =[[Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition)]]
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