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  • ...|Sister]] of the [[Order of Our Martyred Lady]]. She served in the convent of [[Sanctuary 101]], when it came under attack by [[Necrons]].{{Fn|1a}} ...attack{{Fn|1a}} and safeguard the [[Hammer and Anvil]], the personal diary of [[Saint Katherine]]{{Fn|1c}}, from the xenos. The Canoness and the other Si
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  • ...roduction by [[Black Library (BL Publishing)|Black Library]] in the format of a "radio play," with no background narration. ...Marines Chapter]] descend upon the world of [[Tranzia]] to honour a batch of [[Neophyte|new recruits]] who will lead the Chapter into the next generatio
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  • ...Draxus''' is a [[Radical]] [[Ordo Xenos]] [[Lord Inquisitor]], who is one of the [[Imperium]]'s premier [[Necron]] hunters.{{Fn|1}} ...ce's mutual hatred for the Necrons. The aliens helped tutor her in the art of technology and psychic ability.{{Fn|3a}}
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  • |Battle Cry=An appropriate passage from their sacred texts and dolorous roars. ...ns]]. They were the first of the nine Legions which betrayed the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]], becoming the first known [[Chaos Space Marine|Chaos Spac
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  • |Homeworld Current=Scattered, many in the [[Eye of Terror]]{{Fn|2a}} |Colours=Blue-black with imagery of death
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  • [[Image:Chapeters.jpg|thumb|right|Uriel Ventris from the cover of ''[[The Chapter's Due (Novel)|The Chapter's Due]]''}}]] ...Ventris]], who died in [[Macragge]]'s northern Polar Fortress during the [[Battle for Macragge]].{{Fn|4b}}
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  • ...This is Cadia! This is the Gate of the Eye! This is where the bloody work of the Inquisition is done!"'' ...vily fortified against the assaults of [[Chaos]] and was a frequent target of [[Abaddon the Despoiler]]'s [[Black Crusade]]s.
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  • ...es stationed within a cathedral-fortress on [[Daronch]], under the command of [[Canoness]] [[Aurea (Canoness)|Aurea]].{{Fn|1}} ...arshal (Black Templars)|Marshal]], [[Adelbert]], and the surviving Sisters of the Valorous Heart, led by [[Canoness]] [[Aurea (Canoness)|Aurea]], were th
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  • [[Image:EmperorEOT.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The Emperor of Mankind battles during the [[Great Crusade]]{{Fn|21}}]] ...of His will, itself sustained by the soul-sacrifice of countless millions of [[psyker]]s.{{Fn|2}}
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  • [[Image:SoBSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|The symbol of the Adepta Sororitas.{{Fn|13}}]] ...oting out corruption and heresy within [[humanity]] and every organisation of the [[Adeptus Terra]].
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  • ...ing its systems are functioning normally.{{Fn|8}} Because of its slow rate of fire the Shadowsword often operates with lighter vehicles who protect it ag ...ill instead replace these sponsons for extra armouring or add a second set of sponsons, each fitted with the same weapons as the originals. In addition t
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  • A [[List of Lists|list]] of the wargear and equipment used by the [[Adepta Sororitas]]. ...e items used by other members of the [[Ecclesiarchy]] or the Witch Hunters of the [[Ordo Hereticus]] or "unique" wargear (ie character-specific wargear).
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  • *''See Also'': [[Timeline of the Horus Heresy]] ...] pg. 19; [[Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia (Novel)|Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia]] Chapters 13-15
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  • ...s of [[Colossus]] fleeing enslavement and try to settle inside the borders of the Imperium. After being declared ''xenos horribilis'' in the early 39th m ...Strikemaster and [[daemon prince]] [[Kernax Voldorius]] uses a [[Dark Age of Technology]]-era weapon called the [[Bloodtide]] to kill billions.
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  • |quote = '''''"What do I ask of my officers? Merely that they do their duty with fire in their bellies and ...aids by the [[Eldar]] to the periodic [[Black Crusade]]s led by the forces of [[Chaos]].
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  • [[Image:HHPowerArmor.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Overview of Mk.II 'Crusade'-Pattern Power Armour{{Fn|13}}]] ...[[Chaos Space Marine]]s. It is a completely enclosed suit of armour, made of thick [[ceramite]] plates. The armour would be heavy and cumbersome to wear
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  • ...], one of the nine worlds of [[Ultramar]]. Quintarn and its sister planets of [[Tarentus]] and [[Masali]] are collectively referred to as "The [[Three Pl ...oductive Agri Worlds in the [[Imperium]], supplying foodstuffs to the rest of Ultramar, and many other planets beyond.{{Fn|3a}}
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  • ...sert World]] converted to an [[Agri World]], and part of the stellar realm of [[Ultramar]] in the [[Ultima Segmentum]].{{Fn|1}} ...cities and water traps to capture the water needed to grow vast quantities of food.{{Cite this}} The food produced by these planets is exported around t
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  • |quote = '''''If the path to salvation leads through the halls of purgatory, then so be it."'''''{{Fn|8}} [[Image:Ahriman2.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Ahriman, [[Sorceror Lord]] of the [[Thousand Sons]]{{Fn|8}}]]
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  • ...n [[Kaurava I]], as the Confessor knew that it would take a massive amount of holy light and fire to cleanse the entire [[Kaurava system]].{{Fn|1}} ...bued with the [[Inviolable Aura]] - an aura which rendered every sister of battle in her presence invincible. However, if the holy shrines used in the bless
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  • [[Image:PertArtNew.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors]] ...ural affinity towards technology and a cold logic, but lacked the strength of faith.
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  • ...to carry out simple, manual tasks. They are one of the few tolerated forms of robotics in the [[Imperium]] as they are simply surgically enhanced cyborgs ...ck, babbling incoherent nonsense as the Servitor tries to assert some form of awareness.{{Fn|3}}
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  • ...der of a single squad. Other races use various terms to represent the role of a squad leader. *[[Sister Superior]] - [[Sisters of Battle]]
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  • A list of [[Space Marine]] [[Battle Barges]]. |align=center|''[[Vow of Absolution]]''
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  • ...heir fairly quiet and very effective nature, infiltrating parties make use of meltaguns to destroy enemy vehicles before they get a chance to fight on th ...sault and anti-tank roles. They are most effective at close-range, capable of reducing nearly any material to molten slag through super-heated blasts.{{F
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  • The '''Multi-melta''' is a heavy version of the [[Meltagun]] that has multiple melta barrels.{{Fn|1}} ..., and emitting a beam of light, or just projecting a nearly invisible beam of intense heat. Targets are just melted away, turning creatures to ash and ve
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  • |rowspan="6"|[[Image:Order of the Martyred Lady.JPG|140 px|center|'''Battle Sister''']] | '''Order of Our Martyred Lady'''
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  • ...ses|USE=Necron technology|OTHERUSE=audio drama by Nick Kyme|OTHERPAGE=Veil of Darkness (Audio Drama)}} The '''Veil of Darkness''' is part of the [[Necron Armoury]] are used by [[Necron Lord]]s{{Fn|1}} or [[Cryptek]]s
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  • ...[[Mankind]] through self-denial, rigorous prayers and ritual mortification of the Flesh.{{Fn|4}} ...skin flayed by the Necrons.{{Fn|2}} Video picts were recorded during the battle, but only showed the Sisters being cut down by flickering shadows.{{Fn|1a}}
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  • ...sisters under her command, leads her sisters in prayer, and performs rites of initiation for new sisters to the order.{{Fn|2b}} ...to that convent, and thus is not always from the Orders Militant. Because of this, the Prioress may often defer to a Canoness on military matters.{{Fn|2
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  • [[Image:Inquisition.jpg|thumb|right|The symbol of the Inquisition{{Fn|32}}]] ...y]]. The purpose of the Inquisition is to identify and destroy the myriad of potential threats to the Imperium and humanity. Such is the Inquisition's p
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  • |Name =Codex: Sisters of Battle ...1997, and is for the [[Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition Rulebook|2nd Edition]] of Warhammer 40,000.
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  • The '''Immolator''' is a variant of the [[Rhino]] chassis and used exclusively by the [[Adepta Sororitas]] as a ...t]]s of [[Mars]] came up with the Immolator and began exclusive production of it for the Ministorum.{{Fn|2a}}
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  • An '''Eviscerator''' is a form of obscenely oversized [[chainsword]], that is so abnormally large that it can ...d on [[power sword]]s to inflict tremendous amounts of damage. As a result of its crude workmanship, the weapon is however very unwieldy and tiring to us
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  • ...now, nor ever again..."''''' [[Saint|Saint Patricia]] on the disappearance of St. Celestine{{Fn|1a}} ...oritas]]. Now a [[Living Saint]], she has been described as a grand design of the [[Emperor]] unfulfilled.{{Fn|3}} She has lived multiple lives in the Em
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  • ...either Combi-(weapon) or Bolter-(weapon).{{Fn|1}}{{citethis}}Combinations of meele weapons with ranged weapons can sometimes be referred to as combi-. ...hed together. While they are no longer produced in the Imperium, in favour of the more advanced successor: the [[Storm Bolter]], some are still held as a
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  • [[File:Inquistorial Henchmen sketches.jpg|thumb|right|250px|A variety of Inquisitorial Henchmen]] ...selves to the Inquisitor permanently. Most Inquisitors keep only a handful of helpers relevant to their current mission, but some keep larger numbers, of
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  • '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a a planet in the [[Palatine Sector]]. The [[Sister Repentia]] who would become [[Saint Celestine]] lived and met her first dea [[Category:Sisters of Battle (Novel Series)]]
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  • [[File:Saintmage.jpeg|thumbnail|Saint Celestine of the Adepta Sororitas]] ...upposedly by the [[Emperor]] himself. Living Saints are most often members of the [[Adepta Sororitas]] but some have come from the [[Imperial Guard]].{{F
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  • [[Image:SoSSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Sisters of Silence symbol{{Fn|16}}]] ...l by [[Roboute Guilliman]] in [[M41]].{{Fn|12}} Its ranks consist entirely of [[Blank]]s.
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  • '''Rosemaera Grace''' is a [[Canoness]] of the [[Order of the Argent Shroud]], who led its forces defending the [[Imperial]] world [[ .... As the [[Psychic Awakening]] raged, [[Canoness]] Grace's [[Battle Sister|Sister]]s began to be heavily outnumbered by the [[Heretics]], despite their conti
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  • ...of the [[Ecclesiarchy]]. They frequently are deployed alongside the armies of the [[Adepta Sororitas]], who consider it their sacred duty to witness thes ...ject feelings of guilt and pain directly into their brains, reminding them of their sins. Driven by their pilot's frantic need for forgiveness, Penitent
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  • ...]] and [[Andy Jones]]. It was first published in 2001 and is currently out of print, although several short stories were re-published in the anthologies ...] [[Space Marines]] must fulfill his oaths and safeguard the [[gene-seed]] of both the living and the dead.
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  • ...other Space Marine [[chapters]], the [[First Company]] is comprised solely of veterans. *[[Celestians]] ([[Sisters of Battle]])
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  • [[File:Loken-portrait.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Garviel Loken of the Luna Wolves' 10th Company{{Fn|1a}}]] ...e series of events that would result in Horus' damnation and the beginning of the [[Horus Heresy]].{{Fn|1}}
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  • |rowspan="6"|[[Image:Magda Grace.jpg|220 px|center|'''Battle Sister''']] | '''Order of the Sacred Rose'''
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  • |rowspan="6"|[[Image:EbonChaliceArt.jpg|140 px|center|'''Battle Sister''']] | '''Order of the Ebon Chalice'''
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  • |rowspan="6"|[[Image:BloodiedRoseArt.jpg|220 px|center|'''Battle Sister''']] | '''Order of the Bloody Rose'''
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  • ...pan="6"|[[Image:Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister.jpg|220 px|center|'''Battle Sister''']] | '''Order of the Valorous Heart'''
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  • |Name =The Flight of the Eisenstein [[File:Flight of the eisenstein clean.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Cover art]]
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  • [[Image:Dominions.jpg|thumb|right|250px|A duo of Dominions purging with flamer and melta]] '''Dominions''' are [[Sisters of Battle]] who are trained to use specialist close-range weaponry such as [[Flamers]
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