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  • The '''Kabal of the Shattered Hand''' are a [[Dark Eldar Kabal]]. In 822.[[M41]], they attempted to raid the {{DEFAULTSORT:Shattered Hand, Kabal of the}}
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  • [[Image:Silas Hand.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Inquisitor Silas Hand]] [[Inquisitor]] '''Silas Hand''' was born on the planet [[Isis IX]] in the [[Polaris]] [[sub-sector]]. D
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  • |Name =The Traitor's Hand '''''The Traitor's Hand''''' is the third novel in the [[Ciaphas Cain (Novel Series)|Ciaphas Cain s
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  • {{otheruses|USE=Artefact|OTHERUSE=Audio Drama|OTHERPAGE=Hand of Darkness (Audio Drama)}} ...ery. [[Inquisitor]] [[Thadus Valconet Horst]] was dispatched to locate the Hand of Darkness, deep beneath Purgatory, but the worst fears of the Inquisition
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  • ...rner", the Hand Flamer is a more compact pistol version requiring only one hand. Along with using a lower-capacity fuel tank it has much reduced range, whi ...l blast that burns fat hotter and with greater fuel efficiency than normal Hand Flamers.{{Fn|4}}
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  • |Name =The Hand of Harrow |Image =The Hand of Harrow cover.jpg
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  • A '''Bionic Hand''' is a type of [[Imperial bionics|augmetic body part]].{{Fn|1}} ...[Iron Hands]] Space Marines normally replace their left hand with a bionic hand.{{Fn|1}}
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  • The '''Cult of the Flayed Hand''' are a [[Dark Eldar]] [[Wych Cult]].{{Fn|1}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Flayed Hand, Cult of the}}
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  • The '''Hand of Rage''' is a [[Terminator]] [[Power fist]] and a relic of the [[Blood Ra
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  • The '''Hand of Calder''' is a [[Power fist]] and a relic of the [[Blood Ravens]] [[chap
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  • '''The Hand of Retribution''' is a [[power fist]] used by the [[Crimson Fists]] chapter {{DEFAULTSORT:Hand of Retribution, The}}
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  • [[Image:Rtcr-120-hand cannon.jpg|right|thumb|350px|Hand Cannon{{Fn|1}}]] A heavier version of the [[stub gun]], '''hand cannons''' are popular with those who have the arm strength to wield them.
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  • ...begin to reanimate the Eversor while fine tuning his body for the task at hand. By the time the drop pod lands on the planet, the assassin is fully awake ...st mission and the current one. They are completely focused at the task at hand and are ready to satiate their bloodthirst by destroying the enemies of the
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  • |align="center"|[[The Traitor's Hand (Novel)]] – [[Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium]] (Omnibus) by [[Sandy M |align=center|[[The Traitor's Hand (Novel)]] by [[Sandy Mitchell]], Ch. 13
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  • The '''Kabal of the Shattered Hand''' are a [[Dark Eldar Kabal]]. In 822.[[M41]], they attempted to raid the {{DEFAULTSORT:Shattered Hand, Kabal of the}}
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  • ...|Sternguard]] [[Space Marine Sergeant|Sergeant]]. Captain Agemman's right hand.
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  • ...ikal Dorden|Mikal]], was drafted alongside him and became an infantryman. Both of them escaped the destruction of their homeworld by dint of their service ...], Dorden found himself attached to a hand-picked commando unit made up of both members of the regiment and [[Navy Intelligence]].{{Fn|1e}} This unit ulti
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  • ...d detonated its [[Warp Drive]]s, creating a cataclysmic vortex that sucked both it and the entire Tyranid fleet into oblivion. The victory at Circe spelled ...of [[Tyrannic War Veterans]], which have grown steadily over the years in both numbers and experience, as the Imperium continues to clash with the Hive Fl
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  • *[[Space Marine Lieutenant|Lieutenant]] — These serve as the right hand to their Company Captain, typically commanding one of the Company's two dem
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  • *[[Colonel]] [[Straken|'Iron Hand' Straken]]
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  • ...at defined the early Legion remained, and Sanguinius desperately sought to both keep it a secret and find any solution he could to elevate it.{{Fn|44}} ...lack Rage]]-berserk [[Death Company]], the Bloodthirster and Kossolax were both defeated at great cost to the Blood Angels involved.{{Fn|19}} In addition,
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  • ...ers in the Imperial Fist legion. The Chapter Master and the Primarch would both cut their palm and share blood in a warrior handshake; strengthening the ma ...ences have led some to believe the [[Officio Assassinorum]] may have had a hand in the strange destruction of the fortress-monastery, but no concrete evide
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  • ...fire and water, that the whole of the planet changes its form. Islands are both destroyed and created in entirety, up heaving homes made during the winter ...the two developed a mutual respect for one another, but due to their pride both felt honor-bound to fulfill their vows of vengeance.{{Fn|6c}}
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  • ...as small groups within the Emperor's own hosts, these ''Crowns'' inspired both unity and a certain arrogance in the first Space Marines and spurred them t ...nt in mundane wars of conquest, the First realized that they were the left hand of the Emperor himself and took pride in their solitary self-imposed exile
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  • ...bitter rivalry with the [[Iron Warriors]], which was largely the result of both Legions sharing similar combat specializations.{{Fn|30}} Less known was the ...a reference to when many saw the lands conquered by them it was as if "the hand of the Emperor had descended and gripped with an unbreakable fist." The Emp
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  • ...rived at [[Prospero]] after its apocalyptic attack by the Space Wolves. Of both sides, the White Scars initially found no sign, but the ghosts of slain Tho ...r shock attack role. These were formed only of volunteers and were seen as both an act of punishment and honor. The Kharash were one of the few White Scars
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  • ...ded in mystery. In order to protect the nascent [[Legiones Astartes]] from both hostile action and espionage, the origins and deployments of several early ...smallest legion {{Fn|1a}} but how this claim stacks against the paucity of both [[Emperor's Children]] and [[Thousand Sons]] during their respective histor
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  • [[Image:IHMarine.jpg|thumb|right|230px|[[Great Crusade]]-era Iron Hand{{Fn|21c}}]] ...[[Lyasx]] on the world of [[Oberath]]. While the Legion was victorious in both actions, they did not yet seem to specialize in any area of warfare. It was
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  • ...e '''XIXth Legion''', the Legion was used by the [[Emperor]] as his hidden hand in its early years during the [[Unification Wars]] on [[Terra]]. The origin ...combat spreading like wildfire across the plains of Istvaan V. They fought both with as much honour and as much skill as any other legion would in the circ
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  • ...Leman Russ]] of the [[Space Wolves]] and [[Vulkan]] of the [[Salamanders]] both sided with Dorn, as they did not want their Legions divided, while [[Corax] ...efly come to blows with the [[Dark Angels]], after the Templars refused to hand over a prisoner that the Dark Angels suspected to be [[Cypher]]. The incide
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  • ...Eye]] where the failure of the [[Eldar|Eldar Empire]] was witnessed first hand. Ingethel informed the Word Bearers that the Eldar failed and suffered [[Fa *[[Burning Hand]]
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  • ...ht success, and taught his Legion to apply all such military techniques to both their training and their operations. The Legion's victories in the [[Great ...it is they that damn themselves to work from within traitor cells to purge both weak elements of the Imperium while dealing with serious heretical threats.
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