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  • ...and headed for Terra.{{Fn|12}} Upon arriving Corax headed for the Imperial Palace, which was being fortified by Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists in preparat ...-150 [[Imperial Fists]], ~20 Custodes against [[The Perfect Fortress]], an Emperors Children stronghold{{Fn|12e}}. Planned to be conducted with his legion rebu
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  • ...mperor. The remaining loyalists, led by [[Saul Tarvitz]], a Captain of the Emperors Children, [[Battle of Isstvan III|fought]] bravely on [[Isstvan III]] but w ...leaderless. However [[Lorgar]] was able to find the Primarch inside the [[Palace of Slaanesh]] and used [[Zardu Layak]] to bind him to his will with his [[T
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  • ...entered. After the fall of Methalor a messenger arrived at the [[Cardinal Palace]] on Gathalamor. With a defiant look and a stern voice, the messenger proc The messenger's remains were nailed to the gates of the Palace to be feasted on by rats and crows.{{Fn|4}}
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  • ...{{Fn|25f}} For much of their history the Custodes rarely left the Imperial Palace and even more rarely left [[Terra]]. It is the Adeptus Custodes that decide ...e, the Adeptus Custodes took a limited role as protectors of the Imperial Palace, as ordered by Roboute Guilliman in the [[Edict of Restraint]].{{Fn|19}}{{F
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  • ...ry any close-combat weapons, as their sole focus is on extreme firepower). Emperors are very rare, and can utterly crush many weaker war engines. By default th ...{Fn|1}} the famous Chaos Imperator Titan that laid siege to the [[Imperial Palace]], was stated as being 43m (130ft) tall, though it is by no means clear tha
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  • ...Dorn]] bestowed upon him the new title during the attack on the [[Imperial Palace]], where he served victoriously. The practice of the tradition remained wit Black-Templars-Emperors-Champion.jpg|4th Edition{{Fn|7}}
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  • ...were most permeable. According to their mythic history, one of the first "Emperors" of the planet had combated and restrained a very malignant spirit, called ...to the [[Traitor]]s, the Daemons were unleashed to destroy the [[Imperial Palace]]'s [[Colossi Gate]]{{Fn|8b}}. While they succeeded in tearing down the Gat
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  • ...se weapons was given to [[Sigismund]] during the battle for the [[Imperial Palace]]. Though the weapon can take on many forms, it is invariably a [[power wea [[File:Black-Templars-Emperors-Champion.jpg|thumb|center|150px|Emperor's Champion holding the Black Sword
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  • ...n of marble hallways and a raven. At about this same time, Rosarius in the Palace has one exactly the same, lasting only a short split second, much to Torlin ...uperiors as no mission he'd flown or commanded had even been wasted in the Emperors name. After he leaves, Jaeger realises that he wears the same gloves he doe
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  • ...er the price of pride and why he sullies his blade with the blood of petty Emperors.{{Fn|1}}
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