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  • [[Image:Fuegan6.jpg|thumb|right|220px|Fuegan with the Fire Axe]] ...weapon]] of ancient construction and incredible potency. It was forged in fire during the [[Fall of the Eldar]] and the heat of its creation has never lef
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  • ...ithin its coils before being knocked to the ground be the flat of his foes axe. With the beast towering over him he taunted at it, '''''Come at me again, ...[[Close Support Squad]]s, and the Ninth Company has a full compliment of [[Fire Support Squad]]s{{Fn|40b}}. Finally, the Tenth Company is composed of the C
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  • It is a relentless world of fire and ice, ravaged by the extremes of climate all year round. For the majorit ...massive tidal waves. It is during these months, referred to as the time of fire and water, that the whole of the planet changes its form. Islands are both
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  • *[[Brotherhood of the Black Axe]] - commanded by [[Sengur Khan]]. *2 [[Fire Support Squad]]s
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  • ...ds are joined by many successor chapters such as the [[Sons of Medusa]], [[Fire Lords]], [[Silver Skulls]], [[Brazen Claws]], and [[Iron Lords]]. They mana ...Iron Captain [[Rakk Golloth]] is slain when his gunship is downed by enemy fire.{{Fn|53d}}
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  • *'''mid-[[M38]]''' - The [[Dominion of Fire]]. [[Angron]] leads 50,000 Berzerkers ...d to other legions as a result. At least one record opines that the chain-axe was the perfect metaphor for the World Eaters themselves; a brutal, remorse
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  • ...n its early actions, including the loss of three hundred during a friendly fire "incident" at [[Voltis City|Voltis Watergate]] on [[Voltemand]].{{Fn|2c}} H ...e two outside daggers on their cap badges. The Verghastite cap badge is an axe-rake to symbolise their former [[hive]]'s mining and industrial background.
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  • ...e twelve plagues of [[Nurgle]], we fell their enemies. And with the mighty axe of [[Khorne]], we cut open the world for them.''''' ...ike terror into the hearts of men! Spread throughout Ultramar and take my fire to the [[Ultramarines]]! Burn them from their fastnesses until no trace re
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  • ...a victory, for while he would have fallen had Russ gave the order to open fire, he had bested the Wolf and the World Eaters suffered fewer casualties than ====The Dominion of Fire====
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  • ****Titans Using Indirect Fire **Waa-Skumgrod: Blood-Axe Warband
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  • ...ere movement is restricted and it is difficult to avoid concentrated enemy fire. Exo-armour is thus greatly valued by Squats, who often find themselves in Exo-armour incorporates an integrated [[Power Weapon|power axe]] and [[boltgun]]. Squat armourers are adept at forging magnificent exo arm
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  • ...''Nemesis force weapon'''. It can take the form of a halberd, sword, mace, axe, or the rarer hammer{{Fn|16f}}. It is a powerful force weapon, housing a ps *''[[Fire of Dawn]]'' — [[Battle Barge]]{{Fn|22c}}
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  • ...n and he was banished back to the Warp by [[Logan Grimnar]] wielding the [[Axe of Morkai]]. This in turn however was irrelevant as he had succeeded in his ...the aid of [[Salamanders]] First Captain [[Artellus Numeon]] aboard the ''Fire Ark'' and guided the vessel, which was carrying the remains of [[Vulkan]],
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  • ...s slightly unstable, warrior and leader.{{cite this}} After the [[Wheel of Fire Campaign]] in which a third of the legion was lost against [[Ork]]s, Russ w ...ight of the Wolf]]. To complement his sword, Russ also wielded the [[Frost Axe]] [[Helwinter]].{{Fn|22}} For longer ranged engagements, Russ wielded the [
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  • ...[[Minotaurs]], to protect shipping and space lanes and to reinforce the [[Fire Hawks]] and [[Marines Errant]] during the Badab War. Due to the Red Scorpio ...ny arrives at the end of the first year of conflict during the [[Season of Fire]] and awaits the [[Season of Shadows]] to commence hostilities in [[Warzone
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  • |align=center|''[[Fire of Dawn]]'' |align=center|''[[Monarch of Fire]]''
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  • ...'' are a [[Renegade Space Marine]] [[Chapter]], originally known as the '''Fire Claws'''. They are believed to have been created from [[Ultramarines]] and ...of Tzeentch]] known as [[Excoriator (Chaos Champion)|the Excoriator]]. The Fire Claws used their [[Strike Cruiser]]s to cripple the hulk and then sent [[Te
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  • ...ter securing the assistance of the Armoured Fist units of the [[Fornux Lix Fire Drakes Regiment]], the Crimson Fists dove deep into the city and fought the ...duels Eumenes. Though Eumenes had both the Soulspear and Mercaeno's force axe, Sarpedon impales him with his mutated legs, and wins back the Chapter he w
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  • ...ur|flak jacket]] or the thickest tank armour,{{Cite This}} and it can also fire a searing blast of burning psychic energy at short ranges, making it a just
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  • *[[Axe of Khorne]] - A [[Daemon Weapon]] which has been imbued with the power and ...horne; they are massive steeds made of living metal, whose blood is liquid fire.{{Fn|1}}
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  • '''Fuegan''' is an [[Eldar]] [[Phoenix Lord]] and was the founder of the [[Fire Dragon]] [[Aspect]].{{Fn|2}} Fuegan established the shrine of the Fire Dragons when the [[Asurya]] spread across the galaxy to teach the [[Eldar]]
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