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  • ...|Sister]] of the [[Order of Our Martyred Lady]]. She served in the convent of [[Sanctuary 101]], when it came under attack by [[Necrons]].{{Fn|1a}} ...attack{{Fn|1a}} and safeguard the [[Hammer and Anvil]], the personal diary of [[Saint Katherine]]{{Fn|1c}}, from the xenos. The Canoness and the other Si
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  • ...roduction by [[Black Library (BL Publishing)|Black Library]] in the format of a "radio play," with no background narration. ...Marines Chapter]] descend upon the world of [[Tranzia]] to honour a batch of [[Neophyte|new recruits]] who will lead the Chapter into the next generatio
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  • ...Draxus''' is a [[Radical]] [[Ordo Xenos]] [[Lord Inquisitor]], who is one of the [[Imperium]]'s premier [[Necron]] hunters.{{Fn|1}} ...ce's mutual hatred for the Necrons. The aliens helped tutor her in the art of technology and psychic ability.{{Fn|3a}}
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  • |Battle Cry=An appropriate passage from their sacred texts and dolorous roars. ...ns]]. They were the first of the nine Legions which betrayed the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]], becoming the first known [[Chaos Space Marine|Chaos Spac
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  • |Homeworld Current=Scattered, many in the [[Eye of Terror]]{{Fn|2a}} |Colours=Blue-black with imagery of death
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  • [[Image:Chapeters.jpg|thumb|right|Uriel Ventris from the cover of ''[[The Chapter's Due (Novel)|The Chapter's Due]]''}}]] ...Ventris]], who died in [[Macragge]]'s northern Polar Fortress during the [[Battle for Macragge]].{{Fn|4b}}
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  • ...This is Cadia! This is the Gate of the Eye! This is where the bloody work of the Inquisition is done!"'' ...vily fortified against the assaults of [[Chaos]] and was a frequent target of [[Abaddon the Despoiler]]'s [[Black Crusade]]s.
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  • ...es stationed within a cathedral-fortress on [[Daronch]], under the command of [[Canoness]] [[Aurea (Canoness)|Aurea]].{{Fn|1}} ...arshal (Black Templars)|Marshal]], [[Adelbert]], and the surviving Sisters of the Valorous Heart, led by [[Canoness]] [[Aurea (Canoness)|Aurea]], were th
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  • [[Image:EmperorEOT.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The Emperor of Mankind battles during the [[Great Crusade]]{{Fn|21}}]] ...of His will, itself sustained by the soul-sacrifice of countless millions of [[psyker]]s.{{Fn|2}}
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  • [[Image:SoBSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|The symbol of the Adepta Sororitas.{{Fn|13}}]] ...oting out corruption and heresy within [[humanity]] and every organisation of the [[Adeptus Terra]].
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  • ...ing its systems are functioning normally.{{Fn|8}} Because of its slow rate of fire the Shadowsword often operates with lighter vehicles who protect it ag ...ill instead replace these sponsons for extra armouring or add a second set of sponsons, each fitted with the same weapons as the originals. In addition t
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  • A [[List of Lists|list]] of the wargear and equipment used by the [[Adepta Sororitas]]. ...e items used by other members of the [[Ecclesiarchy]] or the Witch Hunters of the [[Ordo Hereticus]] or "unique" wargear (ie character-specific wargear).
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  • *''See Also'': [[Timeline of the Horus Heresy]] ...] pg. 19; [[Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia (Novel)|Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia]] Chapters 13-15
    50 KB (7,604 words) - 10:41, 24 January 2021
  • ...s of [[Colossus]] fleeing enslavement and try to settle inside the borders of the Imperium. After being declared ''xenos horribilis'' in the early 39th m ...Strikemaster and [[daemon prince]] [[Kernax Voldorius]] uses a [[Dark Age of Technology]]-era weapon called the [[Bloodtide]] to kill billions.
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  • |quote = '''''"What do I ask of my officers? Merely that they do their duty with fire in their bellies and ...aids by the [[Eldar]] to the periodic [[Black Crusade]]s led by the forces of [[Chaos]].
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  • [[Image:HHPowerArmor.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Overview of Mk.II 'Crusade'-Pattern Power Armour{{Fn|13}}]] ...[[Chaos Space Marine]]s. It is a completely enclosed suit of armour, made of thick [[ceramite]] plates. The armour would be heavy and cumbersome to wear
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  • ...], one of the nine worlds of [[Ultramar]]. Quintarn and its sister planets of [[Tarentus]] and [[Masali]] are collectively referred to as "The [[Three Pl ...oductive Agri Worlds in the [[Imperium]], supplying foodstuffs to the rest of Ultramar, and many other planets beyond.{{Fn|3a}}
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  • ...sert World]] converted to an [[Agri World]], and part of the stellar realm of [[Ultramar]] in the [[Ultima Segmentum]].{{Fn|1}} ...cities and water traps to capture the water needed to grow vast quantities of food.{{Cite this}} The food produced by these planets is exported around t
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  • |quote = '''''If the path to salvation leads through the halls of purgatory, then so be it."'''''{{Fn|8}} [[Image:Ahriman2.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Ahriman, [[Sorceror Lord]] of the [[Thousand Sons]]{{Fn|8}}]]
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  • ...n [[Kaurava I]], as the Confessor knew that it would take a massive amount of holy light and fire to cleanse the entire [[Kaurava system]].{{Fn|1}} ...bued with the [[Inviolable Aura]] - an aura which rendered every sister of battle in her presence invincible. However, if the holy shrines used in the bless
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  • [[Image:PertArtNew.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors]] ...ural affinity towards technology and a cold logic, but lacked the strength of faith.
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