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  • ...d recovery an attached crane hooks up the immobilised vehicle while a rear spade is lowered to prevent the Atlas from being dragged backwards as it winches
    4 KB (608 words) - 13:36, 24 January 2021
  • ...gthy set-up process in order to fire including setting up the large recoil spade which digs into the ground, absorbing the immense recoil forces generated b
    5 KB (722 words) - 09:15, 28 March 2020
  • ...tances and moving over all manner of terrain at alarming speeds. They have spade-like [[Scything Talon]]s for digging, snake-like bodies for agile movement,
    3 KB (383 words) - 06:20, 3 October 2020
  • ...ching tool is intended primarily for filling sandbags. This small, folding spade is invaluable for digging
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