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  • ...on{{Cite This}}. Ultramarines Gene-Seed perfectly utilizes every organ and implant with low risk of mutation or defect. Moreover there is little observed dege ...apter on a suicidal mission to combat the forces of [[Chaos]] inside the [[Eye of Terror]].{{Fn|31}}{{Fn|32}} To the Ultramarines, the Codex is more than
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  • ...gan implantation process begins he becomes an [[neophyte]]. When the final implant is in place and the requisite training and hypnotherapy underway, he become [[Image:SMImplantsNew.jpg|thumb|right|Implant Stages{{Fn|2b}}]]
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  • ...e 3rd Company is dispatched by Vorn Hagan to reclaim 18 worlds along the [[Eye of Terror]] which have risen up in heresy. After the battle the Imperial Fi *'''998.M41''': Fleet Helios engaged in [[Eye of Terror]] containment operations. {{Fn|16b}}
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  • ...carion]] under [[Gahlan Surlak]] to replicate his [[Butcher's Nails]], and implant the resultant creations into the brains of his legionaries. However early o Yet they lost the battle, and the remains fled to the Eye of Terror along with the other Traitor Legions. Angron was elevated to daem
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  • ...roken and their forces were fleeing, Maetrus plunged after them into the [[Eye of Terror]] with single-minded determination, never to be seen or heard fro
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  • ...randmaster of the Chapter Cult known as ''The Order''. Also known as the ''Eye that Pierces the Veil''.{{Fn|9}} ...genetic mutations: all Death Spectres lose their hair during the gene-seed implant process{{Fn|7c}}, and their [[Melanchromic Organ]] does not work as intende
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  • ...ily stunned, the sorcerer is able to retrieve information from their mind, implant post-hypnotic suggestions and alter memories. ...t by [[Ahriman]] on the [[Thousand Sons]] legion after escaping into the [[Eye of Terror]]. He was so appalled at the mutations he saw among his brothers
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  • ...d within [[Ork]] camps that Yarrick could kill with a glance, and the Bale Eye is where this rumour came from.{{Fn|3}} ...ed to play upon the orks' fears and incorporate a real "evil eye" into the implant.{{Fn|4}}
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  • ...Illyus''' — Considered handsome by Astartes standards, despite losing an eye to enemy fire on Eidon{{Fn|1g}}. Killed by a daemon on Ceres.{{Fn|1k}} ...anahedarak. These were replaced with a crude [[Imperial bionics|augmetic]] implant, allowing him to re-enter combat as soon as possible.{{Fn|1s}}{{Fn|1t}}
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  • ...to be alive, though one of his eyes had to be replaced by an [[augmetic]] implant. The Fourth Company is heading to [[Four Valleys Gorge]] to await the Blood *[[Eye of Vengeance (Audio Book)]]
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  • ...cybernetic enhancements to the skull, such as a [[bionic]] eye or cranial implant.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...rs]] had simply baited the Dark Angels, luring them into the edge of the [[Eye of Terror]], though the Dark Angels and their allies were eventually able t ...nks. Those young enough to survive the ordeal received the full gene-seed implant, while others – like the arch-traitor Luther – were otherwise augmented
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  • ...met his end in a valley that now bares his name. Legends say that his eye implant, a gift from [[Khorne]] himself, lies buried somewhere in the valley, leavi *{{Endn|1}}: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade]]: The Eye of Gorgon (Map Description)
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