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  • ...other legions such as the [[Ultramarines]], [[Imperial Fists]], and [[Luna Wolves]] all exceeded the 100,000 mark, the III Legion numbered only in the hundre ...ced under the command of the Primarch [[Horus]] of the [[Black Legion|Luna Wolves]], and they would fight together for almost a century until Horus' promotio
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  • *'''[[Lunar Class Battleship]]''' — [[Great Crusade]]-era{{Fn|9}} *[[Stormfang Gunship]] — Attack craft used by the [[Space Wolves]]
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  • |Only used by the [[Space Wolves]] |Only used by the [[Space Wolves]]
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  • This is a list of [[Space Wolves]]- specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard war |Wielded by the [[Grey Hunter]] [[Kai (Space Wolves)|Kai]]
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  • |???.M30|| ||The Emperor's Children join Horus and the [[Black Legion|Lunar Wolves]] in the Great Crusade.|| ||{{Fn|1}} ...the world with just seven men.||''Some time before 970.M30, when the Luna Wolves are without the Emperor's Children.''||{{Fn|11}}
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