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Spyrers (or Spyre Hunters) are a subsect of the high nobility from the hive world of Necromunda and possibly other planets.[Needs Citation]


Within the industrial underhives of a hive city, where the gangs of the ruling houses compete for the scarce resources, the upper nobility also commit their own groups of "gangs" to the underhive conflicts for a different purpose.[Needs Citation]

Traditionally Spyrer groups are composed of the unproven youths of the noble houses born in the upper levels of the hive where they have known little want or hardship. These groups then descend into the lower levels to undertake a vow that has been impressed upon them by a sponsor Patriarch or Matriarch, either to survive unaided in the depths of the undercity for a designated length of time, or to obtain a designated number of kills. They are not permitted to return until their task is complete.[Needs Citation]

In this way the unproven individuals of the decadent noble houses will prove themselves as ruthless and resourceful and thus suited for leadership roles within hive politics.[Needs Citation]

Occasionally some individuals gain such a taste for the hunt that they return to the underhive as part of other Spyrer hunts, or they sponsor future groups as Patriarchs or Matriarchs themselves.[Needs Citation]


Each Spyrer is granted a unique Hunting Rig which has been crafted offworld using nearly forgotten technologies.[Needs Citation]

The rig itself is a miraculous piece of technology which outstrips much of the combat materiel used by any other Imperial organisation, perhaps even the Astartes. Hunting Rigs act as a suit of armour with built-in weaponry and cybernetic enhancements.[Needs Citation]

It is self-sustaining, providing sustenance to the wearer so that they are not burdened by the requirement of food. It is also self-repairing, so that they do not require regular maintenance.[Needs Citation]

However the most important feature of the hunting rig is their power boosting system. As the wearer fights and gains experience in combat, the hunting rig will adapt and evolve to suit the wearer by increasing power to certain systems, unlocking previously unavailable abilities and new potential as the hunt continues.[Needs Citation]

Few other pieces of Imperial wargear have this ability, however, as the hunting rigs are constructed offworld, it is possible that they are exported to locations other than Necromunda.[Needs Citation]

Hunting Rig Classifications

Although each Hunting Rig is unique, they are designed to incorporate ritualised combinations of weaponry, so that groupings of hunting styles can be identified. But as the suits adapt to suit the wearer, even two suits that were similarly designed may be completely different by the end of the hunt.[Needs Citation]

The Orrus
the most brutal of the Spyre aspects. Specialising in brute force, they are characterised by oversized, piston-powered arms containing Bolt Launchers built into the fists. They are also protected from shooting attacks by a force field. Orrus rigs typically evolve by increasing the caliber and firing rate of the Bolt Launchers or by increasing the effectiveness of their force field.[Needs Citation]
The lightest but most agile of the Spyre hunters, specialising in speed and mobility. They are equipped with a Monomolecular Sword and a unique Mirror Shield which can absorb energy-based attacks and fire it back at their enemies. Jakara rigs evolve by increasing the mobility and speed of the wearer, as well as increasing the sharpness of their sword. They also adapt by expanding the types of energy absorbed by their shield.[Needs Citation]
The most subtle and cunning of the Spyre groups. They are armed like spiders, with Web Spinnarets designed to immobilise the enemy so they can be torn apart by their vicious claws. They are also equipped with climbing hooks and hydraulic pistons to allow the wearer to reach perfect ambush points. The Spinnaret weapons can also be used to generate strands of web to aid in climbing. These suits evolve by synthesising neurotoxins for application to their claws, or by increasing the range and area of their Spinnaret weapons.[Needs Citation]
The most peculiar Spyrers, being equipped with Chameleonic armour and razor-edged Yeld Wings. They are armed with multiple laser tubes built into their gauntlets. Though their wings do allow them to fly, they make for better gliders. Their wings also incorporate the chameleonic technology which makes them difficult to track. Yeld can evolve by increasing the chameleonic response and the sharpness of their wing-blades, as well as by increasing the focus and fire-rate of their laser gauntlets.[Needs Citation]
Their armour offers the best protection of all the Spyrer armours, and it is only worn by those who have already proven themselves and cannot evolve further. It is equipped with four Mechadendrite arms; two wielding power claws and two with pulse lasers that can track and target multiple opponents simultaneously due to the advanced sensor arrays built into the rig.[Needs Citation]
Their armour is designed for quietly stalking opponents from the shadows and slaying them up close, equipped with a camo-cloak to hide their position and mask their movements so that they cannot be tracked either at range or in melee. They expertly dual-wield a large chainscythe and a Monomolecular Sword. Their armour offers the highest levels of speed and mobility and cannot evolve any further.[Needs Citation]