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Squat Bike

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Squat bike squad

Squat Bikes were fast moving and armed for combat where they could use the speed they gain on their bikes to best advantage. The bikes were two wheelers and are generally well built but of a smaller scale than Space Marine Bikes. Often Squat Bikes had three wheels but were not the same as Squat Trikes.[1]

A squadron came as one leader and 7 bikers and they had a wide array of technology at their disposal. The basic warrior came with two Laspistols but each member in the squad could be upgraded with a Needle Pistol, Laspistol, Auto-Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Hand Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Shuriken Pistol, pair of sawn off Shotguns or a Chainsword. They could also take any types of Grenade available to 1st Edition.[1]

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