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Status: Deadzone (Anthology)

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Status: Deadzone
Author Matthew Farrer, Jonathan Green, Alex Hammond, Simon Jowett, Gordon Rennie, Neil Rutledge, Tully R. Summers, Richard Williams
Editor Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones
Publisher Black Library
Series Necromunda
Released 2000
Pages 288

Status: Deadzone is a short story compilation edited by Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones. In total there are eight authors contributing eleven stories that are all set in Hive Primus located on Necromunda. It was first published in 2000 but is now out of print.


A World Above

by Alex Hammond

A spyrer hunt ambushes an unwitting Escher gang, but they didn't expect the resilience of a ganger named Knife Edge Liz.

The Day of Thirst

by Tully R. Summers

Mother Dark, High Priestess of the Blood Coven calls in a deal with the Goliath Black Hand gang, but the Goliaths aren't prepared to pay up their due.

Bad Spirits

by Jonathan Green

A towering monster decimates a ratskin camp, but what could this monster be and what are its origins?

Badlands Skelter's Downhive Monster Show

by Matthew Farrer

Skelter's monster show rolls into Fever's Break, but Jago, leader of the Cawdor Light of Fury gang, are unimpressed to see them.

Mark of a Warrior

by Richard Williams

Armed solely with a stub gun and knife, the Goliath juve must venture down into a Milliasaur infested mine as part of an initiation test.

The Demon Bottle

by Alex Hammond

The half-ratskin Sarak becomes embroiled in the devious plans of Otto Gunter the Guilder, but a spook induced daemon soon puts a spanner in the works.

Rites of Passage

by Gordon Rennie

During an initiation test between Orlock and Cawdor new recruits, a highly experienced spyrer renegade stalks the shadows.

The Lake

by Tully R. Summers

Due to misfortune, Lord Orl of the Brassers Orlock gang is reduced to harvesting the jewel eyes of the mulk spider that lurk in a purple slime lake beneath Red's Tower, but the lake has mysterious properties.


by Neil Rutledge

After losing her sister Katz to a suspected plague zombie attack, the Escher leader Blades sets off distraught to fell the beast.

Rat in the Walls

by Alex Hammond

The conclusion of Knife Edge Liz's story described in A World Above. Inside the Spire, Liz is helped and hired by a noble called Kassat Ran Lo, but all is not as it seems.


by Simon Jowett

A story of the occupants of the sump submarine Queequeg, Vex the ex-Redemptionist Pastor, Kayne the spyrer hunter and the strange rumours of machine driven humans (Descent is by far the longest story, sprawling through roughly a third of the book).