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Strategic Collective

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Established in the months following the defeat of Hive Fleet Leviathan, the Strategic Collective is a level-vermilion secret research group housed within the labyrinthine Administratum complex on Terra.

Composed of senior Inquisition savants and Magos Biologis, the mission of the Strategic Collective is to compile biological and logistical data in order to discover Tyranid weaknesses and future invasion points. The reports of the Strategic Collective are sent, sealed and unedited, directly to the High Lords of Terra.

The Stark Report

The most recent report of the Strategic Collective has revealed a mind-numbing statistic: all areas of research point to the initial three Tyranid invasions being only a small fragment of a far greater whole set to arrive at the borders of the Imperium in less than a century.

The Stark Report advises the Departmento Munitorum to increase mobilization and recruitment by a minimum of 500%. Such a number, if attempted, would mean the conscription of every man, woman, and child on every world of the Segmentums Solar, Obscurus, and Tempestus.