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Tau Fleet Weaponry

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This article lists the weapons used by the Tau Fleet.

Gravitic Launchers

Gravitic Launchers are even larger railguns and consist of a two stage launch system. First, mass drivers provide the initial burst of speed to launch the missile before the ship's gravitational field is pulsed to force the missile out at a tremendous speed. The missiles are drone controlled, giving them exceptional directional control making them highly dangerous weapons.[1]

Railgun Batteries

Main article: Railgun

Railgun Batteries are large versions of standard Railguns used by Broadside Battlesuits. They require vast amounts of power to fire despite impressive refinement of the superconductors used. This makes reloading an issue so only one barrel is ever powered at one time, allowing other barrels to reload before they are charged to fire again.[1]

Ion Cannons

Main article: Ion Cannon

Ion Cannons vaporise what they come into contact with, no matter whether it is armoured or flesh. This makes them a devastating weapon.[1]

Burst Cannons

Main article: Burst Cannon

Enlarged versions of the Burst Cannon are used by Tau warship for point defense against Attack Craft and incoming munitions like Torpedoes.[1]

Allied Weapons