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Tau Orbital

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Tau Security Orbital[2]

Tau Orbitals are Space Stations and orbital craft used by the Air Caste of the Tau Empire and allied alien races. Orbitals are vital in linking the small Tau Empire together.[1]

Types of Tau Orbitals

  • Security Orbitals are used as orbital defense stations for Tau worlds and are heavily armed to deter attacking enemy fleets.[1]
  • Waystations are distributed throughout the Tau Empire. They mark out the main routes between Tau septs and are used to speed communications between outposts.[1]
  • Nicassar Caravans are large networks of conjoined Dhows that the aliens employ when traveling over long distances at their natural leisurely place. Occasionally Caravans will accompany Tau fleets to war, and if attacked a Dhow Caravan may detach to fight in the defense of their community. They are so slow that they are considered practically immobile in space combat.[1]
  • Air Caste Orbital City: Large orbiting cities where members of the Air Caste are born and mature.[3]

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