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Telepathy is a Psychic Discipline. Psykers who practice Telepathy are known as Telepaths. Telepaths expertise lies with contacting and controlling the minds of others. With a single thought, a telepath can blast away his foes sanity, induce states of terror, or possess his victims body.[1]


  • Dominate: The Psyker reaches into his foe's mind, crushing their will to resist.[1]
  • Hallucination: The Psyker induces paranoia, confusion, and panic into the minds of his enemies.[1]
  • Invisibility: Reaching into the minds of his foes, the psyker obscures him and his allies own image from their enemy's sight.[1]
  • Mental Fortitude: The Psyker converts the despair of his allies into hope and boosts their morale.[1]
  • Psychic Shriek: The Psyker breaths in deeply and the gathers the powers of the Warp, emitting a banshee howl of psychic energy that shreds the minds of his enemies.[1]
  • Puppet Master: The telepath possesses his victims mind, controlling their movements and redirecting their fire.[1]
  • Terrify: The Telepath assails them with mental images of their own darkest and dreadful nightmares.[1]